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Uherský Brod

Published: 12.2.2008
The original community Ford-Watering place was in 10th and 11th century an important border fortress between Moravia and State of Hungary. Successively, the community started to change, thanks to its position, to an important economy centre and its building began to enlarge.

In 1272, Brod was declared as a King´s town, by Přemysl Ottakar II. The town obtained several privileges, and in 1275 we meet a name Uherský Brod for the first time.

The town resisted to attacks of Hungarians many times in its history, and in the course of Hussite wars it suffered from big damages. From the beginning of 16th century, when the town was in possession of Jan of Kunovice, and afterthat of his son, the town noted the economical as well as cultural development. However, at the beginning of 17th century, the town was again devastated by attacks of Bockay troopes from Hungary. Further destruction came after White Hill Battle (1620), at that time came, together with destructed attacks, also plague epidemies.

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary   Dominican monastery   town hall

During 18th century the town noted developments with declines, anyway, in the middle of 19th century successive changes came and the industrial production started its development. In middle of 20th century, the town widespreaded and several new factories were  established. After Second World War, Uherský Brod became an important industrial centre.

As to monuments: it is – for example – Gothic Church of Mister John Huss, late Gothic Town Hall on Masaryk Square, re-built in Renaissance and Baroque style. Further monuments: extensive house of CultureBaroque building of palace-type: Panský dům. On Masaryk Square you find also Baroque Parish Church of Virgin Mary, and on Square of Virgin Mary there is a Church and Monastery of Virgin Mary of Dominican Order.

At present, Uherský Brod belongs to well-developed industrial and cultural towns of Czech Republic. It has nearly 18000 inhabitants, and a river Olšava flows through. You find here an athletic stadium, swimming pool, sporting hall with shooting-range and skiarea Mikulčin Hill. Except of this, you can visit Theatre Brod, Jan Amos Komenský Museum, singing chorus, association of painters, and you can visit an observatory as well.


Text: Markéta Řandová

Photo: Wikipedia.org, Adam Zivner, č.2, č.3, č.4, č.5




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