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Region of Liberec is situated  in the North of Czech Republic. It is quite important area from the point of view of  travel  business and it is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

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CZ - Tanvald: The Industrial Town
heading (paragraph): Cities
No. of pictures: 19 pictures
Photo: Klára Svobodová

CZ: Železný Brod
heading (paragraph): Cities
No. of pictures: 36 pictures

Železný Brod is a town, not far from Giant Mountains, where Jizera-river flows through. It is a pleasant stop for all who are travelling to Giant Mountains, Jizerské Mountains or Bohemian Paradise. At present, the town, with its rich glass industry history, is inhabitated with more than six-and half thousands of inhabitants.

Photo: Klára Svobodová

Jizera Mountains in Summer I.
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 41 pictures

In the form of photogallery we bring you well-known places of these romantic mountains which are filled with log cabins and picturesque nooks. We hope our photos will be an inspiration for your trip. The area located in the North of the Czech Republic is  dominated by Ještěd and is also filled with many observation posts. Many recently built blacktop bicycle tracks, i.e. those leading around the water reservoirs, serve also as in-line tracks or tracks for wheelchairs. Tourism is procured by Jizerská magistrála and railway/cog railway leading from Tanvald through Kořenov to Harrachov. To experience the calm of the local nature you should visit the village of Jizera known for its freezing cold temperatures.

Text and photo: Monika Babická

ZOO Liberec
heading (paragraph): Nature
No. of pictures: 44 pictures

First time after ten years baby Bengal tigers were born in the oldest Czech zoo and these baby tigers were the reason why we visited the zoo. Two boys and one girl - Gaia, Liam and Sambul (born on July 1, 2012) are obviously happy to live. ZOO Liberec is only zoo in the Czech Republic that breed this species.

Foto: Daniel Babický

CZ, Turnov-Dolanky: Dlask's Farm
heading (paragraph): Sights
No. of pictures: 22 pictures

National cultural heritae in Dolanky near Turnov is part of the Czech Paradise Museum. A one story lodge cottage with a hall, chamber, and agricultural compounds is equped with style. It will give you a great exhibition of folk architecture of the 18th century.

GPS: 50°36'10.732"N, 15°10'20.543"E

Text/photo: Monika Babická

CZ, Turnov: The Museum of Bohemian Paradise
heading (paragraph): Places Of Interest
No. of pictures: 38 pictures

The museum hiddes many historical collections and individual items. It is jewels and precious gems, mineralogy and geology collections and a vast exhibition of folk culture.

Text and photo: Monika Babická

CZ, Jizerske Mountains – Jablonecko: Bedrichov, Smrzovka, Janov n/N
heading (paragraph): Places Of Interest
No. of pictures: 31 pictures

You slowly go uphill from Jablonec nad Nisou. Walking by easy ski slopes and a bobsledge you continue to Bedrichov. Local parking lot is a great place to start any trip be it in winter or summer. Kralovka cabin and an observation tower of the same name is mere one hour of walk from there. Prezidentska cabin featuring great cuisine and a cross country track runnigng by is about an hour of walk from there. Former game chateau is yet another historic structure around these parts, today it is known as Samalova cabin, which also is a gateway to the Jizerska magistrala track. A sledge track could be found in Smrzovka close to Cerna Studnice observation tower. 


Text and photos: Monika Babická

CZ, Jablonec nad Nisou – The Town of Glass and Fashion Jewellry
heading (paragraph): Cities
No. of pictures: 35 pictures

At the foothills of the Jizerske Mountains there is a town famous for fashion jewellry,  the river of Nisa which inspired the name of the town. Also, there is Mseno dam which is a great place for vacation all year long. The center of the town consists of three squares featuring interesting structures. There are several glass and fashion jewellry museums. Glass products made by local glassmakers are to be bought everywhere around here. Jablonec nad Nisou has its own lookout tower named the same as  Prague Petrin Tower. The vantage point with the tower and a hotel is situated on town's souther edge. The vista from here allows you to see the Jizerske Mountains and the  Krkonose in good visibility.


Text and photos: Monika Babická

CZ, Jilemnice – The Town of Saint Lawrence
heading (paragraph): Cities
No. of pictures: 42 pictures

Another popular city in the foothills of the Giant Mountains is Jilemnice. Compared to Vrchlabí, its size and population are half the size of the city. In the local chateau you will find the Jilemnice Museum in the Giant Mountains, the revitalized chateau park is open to the public. Saint Lawrence is the patron saint of this city. It is also one of the saints from the sculpture on Masaryk Square, right next to the stone fountain. The Baroque church is also dedicated to Saint Lawrence - an unmistakable building on the way to the Curious Alley, where perhaps every tourist is heading. A mountain elm, a crest tree of the town of Jilemnice, grows at the lower entrance to the Krkonoše-style timbered buildings.


Text and photos: Monika Babická


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