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It is situated in the northeastern part of Czech Republic. It is a territory with high developped mining, metalurgy, machinery and chemical industry. Unfortunately, in consequence of presence of these heavy industries, came to the pollution of  living environment.

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Published: 27.8.2007
Ostrava is the third biggest town of Czech Republic. It was taken for years as industrial, dirty and inhospitable town, as a steel-heart of the republic with rough and hard working people.

Anyway, in the course of years, Ostrava was an important trade as well as transit town. Ostrava is also social, cultural, business and cosmopolitan centre, situating near to the Polish (15 kms) and to the Slovak border (55 kms). 

Ostrava, the view from New Town HallOstrava Antonín Dvořák TheatreOstrava, Masaryk Square 

After 1989 the town changed unrecognizable. Hard industrial works were closed  and eliminated, the coal mining was stopped and the mines definitevely closed. Now, the whole town is under reconstruction. The original houses and facades in city-centre are renewed and the town becomes more beautiful and friendly. They are taken place many cultural, social and sports events. Ostrava  prepared, for instance, the World Championship in Ice-Hockey.

You can use for trips the surroundings of Ostrava, the mountain range of Beskydy offer many possibilities to sports activity. In summer you can walk on foot or on cycle  to forests and mountains, in winter to enjoy skiing.

CEZ ArenaNew worksCollege Mining 

Pile Ema

Conic pile (heap) on the territory of Ostrava, extention of 82 ha, contents of 4 mil.of waste. Nearby is appearing rare fauna and flora. Rare minerals are forming here. The heap is free open to public.

Looking-out-tower of New Town Hall

It is situated on Prokeš square, it is very interesting view on town from the top.

Polanský Forest

The origiginally meadow-forest with Carpathian elements, you can find here oaks, hornbeams, beech-trees, etc.

Vítkovické  Iron-Works

Ostrava has a first-class tourist attraction!  After long 18 years of preparations is open to the public historical unique area of Vítkovice iron-works. The works could be allowed to enter by the specialists and the students only. Now, this cultural monument can be visited by everybody. After entering the area you are of the opinion that you entered Steel-Town. The work stopped here 9 years ago and everything remained so as left by workers. You see a lot of pipe-lines, blast-furnaces, kettles, bridges, ladders, chimneys and a lot of iron constructions everywhere. The unique of the area is consisting in the fact that there is collected coal mining, coke-oven and blast furnace on a small surface. The area is open to the public till the end of season from Friday to Sunday.


Photo:, Ragimiri, č.2, SPŠCHaG Ostrava, Paul167, Pudelek, Darwinek, Petr Štefek, Zoran Holzmann     


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Published: 1.11.2011
Ostrava is a place, where life is not simple and where the pollution is worse in EU. Despite that local people love this city and they do not miss any moment to fight for it. To Praguers are some Ostravians, and there are a lot of them, particularly allergic.


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