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It is extending here the highest montain-range of Moravia Hrubý Jeseník, the highest point is Praděd (1492m).

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Published: 30.9.2007
The town of Přerov is situated in centre of Moravia in Upper-Noravia Dale, in southeastern direction of Olomouc, 22 kms distant from here, in an altitude of 210 m. River Bečva flows throughout the town. Přerov is, together with Olomouc, an important railway junction in Moravia.

It is also a an army town, seat of 23rd base of military airforce of Edvard Beneš.

First written notice about Přerov comes of 1141 and is mentioned in a document of Olomouc PřerovBishop Henry Zdík. In 1256 the community obtained the King´s privileges of a town by Přemysl Ottakar II. During Hussite wars the town became an important centre of utraquists in Moravia. With an introduction of railway line (in second half of 19th century) in 1841, when the first train passed here, the industrial development of Přerov speeded a lot.

It is worth to visit Komenský Museum. You can see there, except other interesting objects, the documents of education and Comeniology, collection of tin subjects, magazines of first half of 19th century, historical Přerovfurniture or collection of maps, containing also a few copies of 19th century. This museum was created by successive unification of several local museums. The oldest one – Komenský Museum – was founded in 1888 and belongs to first ones of its art. Museum is placed in a castle. This castle was built in 11th century and got its Renaissance face during hundreds of years. Castle was reconstructed in 2006 and is a dominante of town´s preserved zone.

As to local natives: it is František Venclovský (swimmer, conquestor of La Manche Channel) and Jan Blahoslav (ancestor of works of Jan Amos Komenský).


Photo: Wikimedia Commons, palickap, č.2, č.3




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