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Region of Pardubice - Czech republic


It is situated in Eastern Bohemia, most of this area is formed  with highlands and hills, coming to plains along  the river Elbe. The capital of a region is a statutory town of Pardubice.

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PardubiceYou can find many  interesting things, sightseeings and remarkable places in this region. It is, first of all, Protected Landscape Area „Železné hory“, Protected Landscape Area „Žďárské vrchy“ and Protected Area „Orlické hory“, the area of „Polabí“ or massif of „Kralický Sněžník“ – it is the third highest mountain of Czech Republic (1423 m).

The biggest water area in a region is the Dam of Seč (220 ha), most violent descent is to be found in a place under „Sviní hora“ not far from town of Králíky, the longest river is those of Chrudimka (104,4 kms).

Heřmanův MěstecThrough the region  is passing most important and leading railway (Prague-Pardubice-Olomouc-Ostrava – direction Slovakia)

The medieval castels belong to the most memorable sightseeings of region. The castles were found from 13th century and were built on suitable strategic places of the country. 

The castle of Lichnice is characterictic silhouette of Železné hory, as a beautiful  outlook is looked up the ruin of castle Oheb. In the southern part of a region you find castle of Rychmburk.  We recommend also to visit the ruins of medieval feudal seats dispersed in the country.

The most important historic-architectural monuments  are situated in the northern part  of region and  are hanging together with old Moravian Family of Pernstejn. Two big castels – Litice and Kunětická hora – belong also to the buildings of this Family.

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