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The region of Vysočina is situated  along the border of Bohemia and Moravia. It is neighbouring with the Region of Pardubice, South Moravian Region, South Bohemian Region and Central Bohemian Region. It is one of three inland regions.

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Published: 12.10.2007
The town of Třebíč is situated in southeaster part of Vysočina Region, in western part of Moravia. You find it on middle way between Brno and Jihlava, nearly 40000 inhabitants are living here. History of a town placed along Jihlava-river comes to 1101. At present, Třebíč is a cultural, administrative, political as well as industrial centre of a district.

In 13th century, there was constructed Romanesque-Gothic basilica of Virgin Mary and St.Prokopius, which was declared in 2002 as National Cultural Monument. In 1335, Třebíč obtained an allowance for building of fortifications, which preserved till 18th century. Parish church of St.Martin comes from middle of 13th century. Its big tower belonged to town´s fortification in past, in 18th century two side-chapels were built.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Trebic - Inner City Arcade Theatre 

Třebíč was in past a centre of Unity of Moravian Brethren. 30-year´s War did not damaged the town in any important way, the dominion was in possession of Wallenstein Parentage. The Capuziner Abbey and Church of Jesus Christ Transfiguration in Jejkov became a symbol of Catholic victory at that time.    

In 19th century, the manufacturing of shoes and leather working started, till that time drapery and weaving prevailed. In 20th century, the Orthodox Church of St.Wenceslas and Ludmila, and Secession  Protestant Church were built.

Trebic skyline  As to industry sector: a nuclear energy and wooden working machinery are developped now. In 2003, a local Jewish Quarter, together with Basilica of St.Prokopius, were written into Survey of Worlds´ Cultural and Nature Heritage UNESCO. It is the only Jewish monument, outside of Israel, independently written into this survey.

Text: Markéta Řandová

Photo:, Nostrifikator, č.2, Timichal, Frettie, Ria 


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