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The region of Zlín  is situated in the Eastern Moravia . It neighbours with the Region of South-Moravia, Region of Olomouc and  Moravia-Silesian Region.



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CZ: Luhačovice
heading (paragraph): Cities
No. of pictures: 23 pictures

Luhačovice is the greatest Moravian spa, and the fourth Czech spa of spa survey. The town has nearly six thousands of inhabitants. It is famous for its six springs but also with healing and treatment of respiratory and digestion systems or obesity.

Unique local architecture or traditional spa wafers are always the temptation for the tourists. 

Photo: Klára Svobodová

Javorníky: Mountain Hotel Portáš
heading (paragraph): Hills
No. of pictures: 27 pictures

Surrounded by faboulously beautiful nature, on Czech-Slovak borders, on the main ridge of Javorníky mountains, since 1932 stands beautiful wooden Mountain Hotel Portáš. During many years of its existence many tourists have made it their favorite place to shelter from bad weather, or to rest deservedly and consume fine meals after exhausting trip. Or people prefer the place just to spend few days in the middle of fabulous nature. We are no exception and the hotel and its surroundings simply captured our heart.

Text and photo: O. Maňáková

CZ, Luhacovice Spa - Rest for Body and Soul
heading (paragraph): Cities
No. of pictures: 35 pictures
Luhacovice Spa are not only traditional spa town offering large variety of services, but also an unforgettable place where are many cultural events. The famous are unique architecture Dusan Jurkovic. The jewel-like Jurkovičův house, Villa Cottage, Villa hawks, Hydrotherapy spa, river and sun bath or spa music pavilion with exemplary care, so keep Jurkovičův link, which created a unique atmosphere generous released in good urban scale without disturbances. The unique architecture is set literally in nature maintained park area .The most precious gem of Luhacovice Spa is water. Altogether there are 15 mineral springs , which serves not only to rejuvenate body, but also treats respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, metabolic (diabetes), cardiovascular disorders and cancerous diseases. Comfortable Spa is an ideal place for regeneration, but also for a relaxing wellness holiday.

Source, photo: Luhacovice Spa

Vidi: staff

CZ, Holesov and Rymice - Two Different Worlds
heading (paragraph): Cities
No. of pictures: 32 pictures

The town of Holesov is situated on the western rim of the Hostynske Hills. Visitors can enjoy a walk in grandiose French-style park and also see its beautiful Baroque-style chateau. Also, you can follow the traces of saint Jan Sarkander. Or you learn about the times when the town was the place of pilgrimage of Orthodox Judaism. Perhaps you'll end up with some spare time to see the village of Rymice only several kilometers away. There is a unique open air museum showing traditional folk house -  made of wood and have clay facade. Moreover, there is a German-style wind mill to see.
Text and photos: Oskár Mažgút

CZ, Kromeriz – Bohemian Gem
heading (paragraph): Cities
No. of pictures: 43 pictures

In our photogallery, we take you to the town of amazing gardens and historic landmarks. Its quiant square and streets enchant you. The town is Kromeriz, dubbed y some for its rich history, culture and stress on education Athens of Hana.
Text and photos: Oskár Mažgút

CZ, Zlin – The Most Beautiful Zoo on Moravia
heading (paragraph): Nature
No. of pictures: 43 pictures

Through this photogallery, visit with us possibly the most beautiful Zoo in Moravia. There are many great experiences such as feeding and close contact with animals. Walk through themed exhibitions, vast nature gardens, and visit Lesna, a charming chateau and a park belonging to this amazing compound.

Text: Oskár Mažgút

Photos: Roman Tvarožka


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