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Region of Banská Bystrica - Slovakia

Banska Bystrica Region is located in south part of Central Slovakia, and with its extent of 9445 square kilometres is greatest area of the Republic. On south, it borders with Hungary, on west with Nitra and Trenčín regions, on north with Žilina and Prešov regions, and, finally, on east with Košice region.

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DonovalyIn above mentioned area, there are to be found all mountain complexes of Slovak Highlands(Vtáčnik, Pohronsky Inovec, Štiavnica Hills, Kremnica Hills, Žiar Valley, Polana, Javorie, Ostrožky, Krupina Table Land, Zvolen Basin, Pliešovce Basin) and part of Slovak Ore Mountains (Vepor Hills, Spiš-Gemer Karst, Stolica Hills, Revúca Highlands, Volovec Hills), as well as complex of Fatra-Tatra area (Staré Hory Hills, Horehroní Valley, Low Tatra Mountains). Mountain range relief is rough, in valleys hilly, the highlands are changed in mountains. The highest peak of the whole region is Ďumbier (2043 metres above sea level) in Low Tatra Mountains. Valleys and table-lands belong to warm climatic area, lower mountain ranges to Banskoštiavnické water reservoirsmoderately warm and higher to cold climatic area. As most important river of this territory, there is Hron, with its tributary Slatina. Most part of region is covered with forests (49%). This fact is an advantage for economy as well as for tourist traffic. Owing to its great extent and rough surface, the region has the smallest density of population and also traffic infrastructure does not correspond to the fact. The town of Bánska Bystrica, with its rich mining history, is a capital of the region. As far as tourist places of interest and its popularity are concerned: there are, first of all, Low Tatra Mountains, Donovaly, Kremnica Hills. Further, there are nature beauties of Bystrianska and Harmanecka Karst Caves. Also famous healing spas, such as Dudince or Kováčová, are very popular.

Banská Štiavnica

Text: Monika Babická

Photo: O. Maňáková


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