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Region of Košice - Slovakia

Košice Region, with its extent of 6753 square kilometres, is situated in southeast part of Slovakia. Its southern border is formed with Hungary, eastern with Ucraine, northern with Prešov region and western with Banská Bystrica region.

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The Church of Najsvätejšej Trojice in KošiceHere, you can find international routes as well as reailway connection to the East. The region has an airport available. The town of Košice is its metropolis, the second greatest town of Slovakia, full of cultural-historical sightseeings.

As far as the historical places of interest are concerned: there is Krásna Horka Castle, or Spišský Castle (it is one of greatest castle complexes of Central Europe, owing to its extent). It is a document of development of architecture since 12th up to 18th century.

Spišská Nová VesWe can admire nature wealth of this region. As far as the attractive targets are concerned: these are: National Park Slovakian Karst (where you find the biggest concentration of  precipices and caves - many of them are registered in UNESCO survey). Futher very important place of interest: Slovak Paradise, with biggest concentration of waterfalls, surface karst appearances and rare sorts of plants. You find here also most extended ice-cave Dobšinska Ice Cave – most extended cave in Slovakia, covered with ice.

The relief of plains and highlands predominants in plains and valleys of Košice region. On the other hand, mountaneous and hilly relief, with deep river valleys, predominates in mountain ranges and highlands. Northwest part of the region is drained with rivers of Hornád and Hnilec, southwest part is drained with rivers of Slaná and Bodva.

To other attractive areas belongs the environs of Zemplínska Šírava dam-water reservoir, known as „East Slovakian Sea“, situated below Vihorlat Hills. Southern slopes of Zemplín Hills are suitable for vines plant, first of all of Tokai sorts.

Text: Monika Babická

Photo: Oskar Mažgút, Jiří Výborný, Karin Bogschová

 Krásna Hôrka Castle


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