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Region of Žilina - Slovakia

Žilina Region is located in north part of Slovak Republic. It borders with Czech Republic and Poland, on west with Trenčín region, in south with Banská Bystrica region and on east with Prešov region.

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With its extend of 6788 square kilometres this region belongs to greates areas of Slovakia. Its mountaneous area is formed with complexes of Outer Carpathian Mountains, Fatra-Tatra Rajecké TepliceMountains, and Slovak Ore Mountains. There are, first of all, Javorníky, Kysucké Beskydy, Kysuca Highlands, Oravské Beskydy, Orava Valley. Oravska Magura, Orava Highlands, Skorušinske Hills, and Tatra Furrow. In Fatra-Tatra Mountain range, there are: Súlov Hills, Žilina Valley, Malá Fatra Mountains, Turiec Valley, Velká Fatra Mountains, Choč Hills, High Tatra Mountains, Tatra Valley, and Staré Hory Hills. The highest peak of this area is Bystrá (2248 metres above Terchovásea level) in West Tatra Mountains. All surface of the region is very rough. The valley have mostly highlands character, lower parts are of mountaneous relief. This is changed, in its highest positions, into mountain glacier relief. Different karst forms are remarkable, first of all on north part of Low Tatra Mountains. Most of above mentioned area belongs to cold climatic region, only law situated valleys are in moderate warm area. Váh is the greatest river of this area, and Liptovská Mara is the greatest water work on Váh.

Many spas were established from thermal and mineral springs, Kysuce - Velka Račamost popular are those spas of Rajecké Teplice, Turčianske Teplice and Lúčky. All these places are attractive, thanks to its salutary effects.

From industrial point of view: there is prevailing the energetical industry, automobile industry and chemical industry. The agriculture is not too extended, owing to worse climatical conditions.

The importance of tourist traffic is quite big. The visitors love beauties of Low Tatra Mountains, Velká and Malá Fatra, as well as other mountain ranges, which have favourable conditions for summer and winter holiday relax.

Súlovské Hills

Text: Monika Babická

Photo: K. Svobodová, O. Maňáková 


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