River Malše - Czech republic

spring (source):
This river sources on Austrian part of Novohradské Mountains in an altitude of 900 m of sea level, under name Maltsch.
flow length:
89 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

Malše river is, on its upper flow, navigable at snow thaw or after heavy rains.  Water-register for descent  in Kaplice is orientative, with min. 35 cm. The lower section is navigable, provided the water is  let out from Římov-Dam (at least 4-5 cbm), to this corresponds the register 30 on water-register in Římov. However, from Pořešín to  pier, the navigation is not allowed, it is protected  belt of water sources. The navigation along upper flow is quite quick.

Anyway, we recommend you to check the weirs before eventual descent.

The river sources on an Austrian part of Novohradské Mountains in an altitude of 900, under name Maltsch. It flows to our territory near Dolní Dvořiště, it helds its north direction up to České Budějovice, where mouths into Vltava river from right side. Malše takes the water area of 979 km². It flows from Novohradské Mountains through so called Kaplice furrow to Budějovice basin. The valley is first open, the river makes a lot of bends and is overgrown with woods. Anyway, near to Rychnov the valley becomes  to be nearer and the river takes bigger slope. The river-basin is wide 8-10 m, it is stony with many unpreserved weirs.

This afforested, rather difficult section, terminates at water basin Římov. Under a dam, the river flows through open valley of Budějovice basin.

As to Malše-tributaries: it is interesting the rivers Černá and Stropnice.


We find suitable camping place in Hamr, near to Římov, further camping places are in České Budějovice.

Food supply:

It is available in Dolní Dvořiště, Kaplice, Velešín, Římov and České Budějovice.

First aid:

It is available in health centres in Kaplice and České Budějovice.

Places of interest:

Dolní Dvořiště: Gothic church of 15th century, croos-border point.

Loužek: ruin of a castle of 13th century.

Kaplice: Renaissance and Baroque buildings, late Gothic church.

Pořešín: rests of Gothic castle, of 13th century, people´s houses in a village.

Velešín: ruin of a castle of 13th century ( not accessible).

Doudleby: early Gothic church , rebuilt in Baroque style.

Římov: Baroque castle with rests of original stronghold. , way of the Cross.

České Budějovice: see Vltava


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