River Radbuza - Czech republic

spring (source):
This river sources in Český les, not far from the border with Germany, near to the community of Závist, in an altitude of 720m of sea level.
flow length:
111 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:
The river sources in Český les, near to the border with Germany, not far from the community of Závist, in an altitude of 720 m. It flows in its spring part up to Bělá nad Radbuzou to the north in an afforested valley. Later, the valley becomes more open, and the forests surrounding the river, are missing, and the flow is bound with willow trees. The slope is getting lower and the river is partially meandring. The flow changes its direction several times and, finally, in its northeastern direction, flows together with Mže river in Pilsen and form the river of Berounka. (some sources mention the name of Berounka from its confluence with Úslava river), Its river basin makes 2179 km². The river – bed is clayish, the stream calm.
However, the navigation is stopped by many weirs, some of them are damaged. In some places, the river flows through populated area.
As to tributaries: we mention the brooks of Zubřina and Merklínka. Some kilometres before the confluence (at the outskirts of Pilsen), it is situated the Dam České údolí (Bohemian Valley).
Radbuza is navigable all year round, in its upper section – it is sufficient moderatel higher water level. Sufficient water register is in Staňkov, it would show 30 cm at least. Radbuza-river would be navigable in its upper flow further, at least from Bělá, however, we have no information about this section, the flow-character would be probably similar.
Radbuza navigation is not difficult, and it is a pleasant excursion with an open boat.
However, we do not find suitable camping place situated near to the river, except of camping place in České údolí. As to accommodation, you find it in towns along the river.
Food supply:
It is available in Horšovský Týn, Křenovy, Staňkov, Holýšov, Hradec, Stod, Chotěšov, Dobřany, Litice and Pilsen.
First aid:
It is available in health centres in Horšovský Týn, Staňkov, Stod, Holýšov, Dobřany and Pilsen.
Places of interest:
Horšovský Týn: Renaissance castle of 16th century with a park.
Staňkov: Gothic church rebuilt in Baroque style, Baroque town hall.
Holýšov: Gothic church of 14th century, rebuilt in Baroque style in 18th century.
Stod: post-office building of 1548, Baroque buildings, Neo-classical church of 19th century.
Chotěšov: monastery, arranged to a castle.
Litice: church of 15th century, rests of Gothic castle of 13th century.
Pilsen: see Berounka.


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