River Svitava - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river sources near to Javorník, not far of tosn of Svitavy.
flow length:
98 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:
Svitava river is placed, however, on an edge if watermen interest. Anyway, for the navigation of its lower flow-section, you do not need higher water level. In outskirts of Moravian Karst, the river flows into pleasant valley, in direction to Brno. Its stream is moderate, small rapids appear on some places, so the navigation will be pleasant for friends of romantic drives as well as smoothly movement. Moreover, the biggest town along its flow, the town of Blansko
(we do not speak about Brno) is a starting point to Punkva-river and caves of Moravian Karst.
The river is navigable, under higher water level, from Rájec, and successively from Bílovice all year round.
It is to be found in communities along the flow, the suitable camping place is available in Punkva valley.
Food supply:
It is available in Brno, Blansko and Svitavy.
First aid:
It is available in Svitavy, Blansko and Brno.
Places of interest:

Blansko: district town, centre of iron-works industry, Neo-Renaissance castle, originally of 17th century, Baroque parish church and wooden church of early 17th century.
Letovice: Neo-Gothic castle, second originally castle of 14th century ( now seat of apprentice boarding school), late Gothic and Baroque church.
Rájec: Baroque castle of 18th century with picture gallery and a park, parish church of 1700.
Adamov: machinery industry, dwelling place, in Neo-Gothic church is placed late Gothic altar of Světlá (Zwettl in Austria), starting point to Moravian Karst.
Brno: regional town centre, important industry centre, many historical monuments, Špilberk castle is declared as a National Cultural Monument, many universities, theatres, museums, galleries...


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