River Úpa - Czech republic

spring (source):
River of Úpa sources at a slope of Studniční hora in Giant Mountains.
flow length:
78 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

River of Úpa sources at a slope of Studniční hora in Giant Mountains. It heads shortly for south, then it turns to southeast and near of Česká Skalice to southwest. Úpa mouths to Elbe (Labe) near to Jaroměř. Its river basin makes 513 km². The upper section – from Pec to Svoboda  - is stony with boulders and stages in a bed with a big slope, which is slowed down with high weirs, some of them are passable, some are among high walls, and  the boats´ carrying over is quite difficult. Under the weir, distant approx. 1 km before confluence with Malá Úpa it is a pass, which is worth to watch. The laying tree accross the river would be very unpleasant object at this moment. The valley is inhabited. After Trutnov, the stream  becomes more moderate, the valley is more attractive, less inhabited and the navigation through wider bed goes more smoothly. From Babiččino údolí (Grandmother´s Valley) the steram  becomes more calm, moreover, near Ratibořice is the water taken away for watering of Rozkoš-Dam. Provided the water level is lower on these places, so the navigation is impossible to be effected. The fooding marked also the Úpa-Valley, damaged beds of some tributaries and constructions along the rivewr. The same is valid for Malá Úpa river, this belongs to passable and very nice rivers. Úpa river is navigable after snow-thaw or after heavy rains. Its upper section up to Trutnov  is delicate not only for minimum water lever, but also for maximal water level. The reason is that at higher water level the landing on some places (in front of weirs) is quite difficult, so dangerous situations could occur. The favourable water level comes later as in Jizera or Kamenice, as Úpa river takes waters of highest plains of Giant Mountains. The water index in Česká Skalice is influenced by taking water for Rozkoš-Dam, moreover, after floodings came to changes in water-index-profiles. As orientative signs could serve for upper section (from Pec) 45-50 cm in Maršov. The passage could be estimatted on spot. The navigation along the river goes smoothly, in spite of the fact that some weirs are not  suitable for passage and the boats are to be carried over. From this reason, the section Svoboda-Trutnov is not transitable. In Trutnov it is on the beginning of May taken place slalom race-event. The upper section of the river is situated in Giants Mountain Natural Preserved Park, we recommend therefore to maintain certain limitations in this respect.


We find suitable camping place at Úpice and Rozkoš-Dam. Anyway. the accommodation can be reserved in any town along the river.

Food supply:

It is available in places like Pec pod Sněžkou, Velká Úpa, Maršov, Svoboda nad Úpou, Trutnov, Úpice, Havlovice, Slatina, Česká Skalice and Jaroměř.

First aid:

It is available in health centres in Pec pod Sněžkou, Maršov, Svoboda nad Úpou, Trutnov, Úpice, Česká Skalice and Jaroměř.

Places of interest:

Pec pod Sněžkou: ski resort

Horní Maršov: Neo-Gothic church  of 19th century, Neo-Renaissance castle of 18th century.

Trutnov: Renaissance and Baroque houses on a square, museum, Renaissabce castle of 16th century, Baroque church of 18th century.

Svoboda nad Úpou: carpentered buildings, late Gothic church of 16th century.

Úpice: early Baroque toen hall of 17th century with a museum, carpentered buildings, original pub of 1620.


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