River Úslava - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river sources near to Čihaň in Blatenská pahorkatina (Highland) in an altitude of 695 m of sea level.
flow length:
94 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

The river sources near to Čihaň in Blatenská pahorkatina. It flows to the north, only in a section from Žinkovy to Nepomuk changes its direction to the east. and mouths into Berounka from its right side near to Pilsen. The river basin makes 797 km². The river flows throughout flat valley between meadows, the forests appear rarely. the river bed is first narrow, partially overgrown, subsequently it becomes wider up to 8-15 m. There are several ponds on the flow and tributaries. The weirs are mostly non-passable and boats´ carrying over slows  the navigation.

Úslava river is navigable  at higher water levels in spring or after heavy rains. The corresponding water index minimum is 50 cm at water sign in Koterov. The navigation follows slowly, the reason is – overgrown banks and numerous weirs.


We find the suitable camping place near to Žinkovy and castle of Kozel, other places along the river are difficult to be found. As to the accommodation: we find it in Žinkovy, Nepomuk, Starý Plzenec and Pilsen.

Food supply:

 It is available in Žinkovy, Prádlo, Nepomuk, Dvorec, Blovice, Nezvěstice, Šťáhlavy, Starý Plzenec and Pilsen.

First aid:

It is available in health centres in Nepomuk, Blovice, Šťáhlavy, Starý Plzenec and Pilsen.

Places of interest:

Žinkovy: Baroque castle of 17th century, Baroque church of 18th century.

Klášter: the rests of  monastery with a chapel.

Nepomuk: late Romanesque basilika of 13th century, Baroque church of 17th century, Baroque bastion and interesting town´s houses.

Zelená Hora: castle of 17th century, the scene of Černí Baroni (Black Barons).

Blovice: church of 14th century, Neo-Classical town hall, nuseum.

Nezvěstice: rests of stronghold and a church of 14th century.

Kozel: originally hunting castle of 18th century with an English park and valuable collections.

Šťáhlavy: Renaissance castle and Baroque church.

Starý Plzenec: Romanesque rotunde of 10th century and a church, arranged in style, several historical houses, production of wines and spirits.

Radyně: ruin of Gothic castle of 14th century.

Pilsen: see Berounka.


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