River Berounka - Czech republic

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The river arises by a confluence of rivers Radbuza and Mže near to Pilsen.
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139 km

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Educational path
Beroun district

This path starts at Budňany Rock. Rock mineral base is created, first of all, from Silur and Devon limestone. You can find here a lot of fossils from time period, when the limestones were formed on bottom of former seas. Anyway, the petrifications could be collected in ruins only. On firm limestone rock, there is situated Karlstein Castle. However, during castle construction, there was not found any trace of water drops, even in deepness of 80 metres, there was found anything. At the end of 19th century, the castle was renovated, and so got a face of perfect Gothic castle. This was a reason fore sharp criticism of  such arrangement but, at present, everything would be O.K. The forests from castle environs were rooted up in past, from defence reasons. A lot of wood was obtained from the neighbourhood, and pasture lands were extended. Vineyards were established on warm slopes. Anyway, despite such great changes, the number of sorts of plants was not decreased. You can find here 25 sorts of trees and 25 sorts of bushes. There were planted here fir-trees, black pine-trees and larch-trees. However, there is no suitable soil for fir-trees planting. They are attcked with many of insect transgressors and wood-mushrooms. Moreover, there are living here 70 sorts of snails and 1400 sorts of butterflies. The birds of big numbers are possible also to be watched here, as better nesting possibilities are existing here. On the other hand, the caves offer good hidden place for bats. However, on this relatively dry places, the springs are missing. But, on the other hand, you can find pure and drinkable water in wells.

Route length: 10,3 kms


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