River Berounka - Czech republic

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The river arises by a confluence of rivers Radbuza and Mže near to Pilsen.
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139 km

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Educational path
Rakovník district

The town of Nové Strašecí is situated in north direction from Křivoklát Forests. Just in 10th century, there was a colonized community here. The town had to be re-built in 1554, owing to big fires, and so it got the name at that time period. The path is surrounded with many trees (forests) of various kinds. Frankly speaking, careful care is given to all trees grown here. Local countryside is cultivated in agricultural way for many years. So, it was connected into great parts. All bushes and trees were cut, so, it was necessary to look after the trees.

In Libeň  preserve, the meadows are declared as nature reservations. Anyway, as most valuable part, former orchard is to be declared. You find here plants, such as centauries, for instance. A lot of other sorts of plants are to be found near to local ponds. In a forest, behind preserve fence, you can mention two meters high four-square mounds. It is old cult place of Celtics. Not far from here, there was discovered known plastic art, a head of Celtic God. It is our most beautiful Celtic statue. Within archaeological excavations, there were discovered deepened inhabited objects. Inside one of them, there was found even a small oven for home production of iron.

Near to the community of Řevničov, a brook is springing, its lower part  mounts into Berounka  river. Eight ponds together are constructed here. Thanks to suitable basement, the water is enriched of carbonate calcium, and it is more basic. This fact is very suitable for fish of all kind. So, the carps, pikes, pike-perches and sheat-fish are breeded here. Finally, the path leads through the forest.

Route length: 12 kms


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