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River Botič - Czech republic

spring (source):
It springs not far of Křížkový Újezdec in an altitude of 478 m above sea level.
flow length:
33 km

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Toulcův Dvůr
Locality type:
Educational path
Prague capital

Originally, Toulcův dvůr (House) is a farmers´ estate. The building was here just in 14th century. Its actual name got after František Toulec, he had this building in a lease. Toulcův House is divided from Košík quarter by road only. Vast real estates belong to this building. In past, there were some communities here.

Since 1992, Ecological Centre of Prague capital is to be found here. The building is declared as preserved cultural monument. The House is situated in nature park Hostivař-Záběhlice. The educational path makes acquintance, first of all, with history of this object. Botič brook flows below a slope, however, all rubbish has to be removed from the flow.

This maintenaince is effected by volunteers. 27 sorts of fish are to be found here. Small wet area, situated in valley meadow, is quite suitable for amphibians´ multiplication. Here, you can find also a home of several sorts of birds. Some rare sorts of plants are to be found here. Trees varieties of our ancestors are resistant against unfavourable weather conditions and against transgressors, too, so they would not disappear at all.

You can find here old orchards, belonging to local ecosystem.

Route length: 1,2 kms


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