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Published: 18.11.2007
The archaeological findings were discovered on today´s area of Hořovice town which prove the colonization of this region since 10th century. On break of 12th and 13th century there was built a Gothic stronghold and the settlement increased substantially. The first notice about Hořovice owners comes from 1233.

new Castle    In 1322 the community of Hořovice became a town. In 16th century  was Hořovice divided in town and a village Velká Víska. Its connection was effected in 1919. At the end of 15th century the stronghold was re-built into Gothic castle, this was burned down  in the middle of 17th century and consequently reconstructed in Baroque style. At the beginning of 18th century ther was built a new Wenceslaus Grammar School Countcastle and the older one became a seat of officers.  The owners of a castle were  famous Žerotín Family, Říčanští Family and since 1390 also King Wenzeslaus IV.

     The town´s escutcheon forms a half of Žerotín-eagle and three beams – silver, blue and silver(the colours of Luxemburgs).  Today, the castle is in an ownership of state. The founder-document of a town and other written documents did not preserved, however, they were probably destroyed during the big fire in 1540. A long-train stationyears´lasting tradition has in Hořovice the metal-working and the production of nails and tacks.

     You find several interesting monuments in a town. On t Palackého square it is former Franziscan Monastery, Loreta, Blessed Virgin Column, the Church of  Holy Trinity, Town Hall building, synagogue, Column of  Condemneds´ former Teachers´ institute, Farská gate, fountain with a statue of  Sacrifieced , St.George Church, St. Rochus Statue, St.John Nepomuk Statue, and a castle, of course.


Text: Markéta Řandová

Photo: Wikipedia.org, Xendl02, č.2, č.3, Honza Groh



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