River Chrudimka - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river sources in Žďárské vrchy, near to the community of Svratouch.
flow length:
104 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

The river basin of upper Elbe mouths to Elbe.

The river springs in northwest of the community of Svratouch in Žďárské vrchy (Žďárské Highlands) in the altitude of 700 of sea level. It flows through Železné hory and via Chrudimská- plain to Pardubice- basin, where mouths to Elbe-river in Pardubice.

The river flows first to northwest, near to community of Seč turns violently to the east, and on northern slopes of Železné hory bends to the north to Pardubice. The river-basin makes

873 km2.. The countryside along the river is changing several times. From the community of Hamry flows with quick stream through narrow river-bed between meadows and forests, where some sections are overgrown. The best part remained, unfortunately, under the water-level of  Seč-Dam. Further, along the levelled pier, the river follows through nice but not great slope to the other airy basin near to Křižanovice. The river bed is clear here and the navigation is safe. The further section  is – up to the other basin in Svídnice – dry.

Otherwise, there is a difficult, bouldery section, named Peklo (Hell). Lower, under Svídnice,the number of weirs is decreasing, the river-bed is wider , and the river , in general is not interesting, from here begins a plain. The weirs on the upper flow are damaged, on lower flow are not navigable.

Chrudimka river  has interesting, at great water-level navigable tributary – Novohradka-river.

As the river is divided into various sections, so different is the navigability and water-level.

For the section from Hlinsko or Trhová Kamenice  it is sufficient moderately better situation

after strong rains or in spring.  At Seč-Dam ( on weekends, sometimes on Saturdays in the morning) the power station is working, let the water flowing ( 9m3/sec.) what is sufficient for navigation to Mezisvětí. From Křižanovice-Dam is mostly dry, however. Provided  the water

would be let flow (in extraordinary cases) so it is better to investigate the section in advance,

as there could be laying the trees in river bed, and there are also  the fences of a park , and  so it is extremely difficult to carry over the boats. As to the section from Svídnice – the water index  in Slatiňany is presented 110 cm, for the navigation from Chrudim it is a minimum

40 cm for navigation. The navigation on upper part is not difficult. the section from Trhová Kamenice is possible to drive with an open boat,too. The navigation speed corresponds to those of 5 kms/hour. The section from Seč is quicker as there are less obstacles here.

The descend  through Peklo (hell) valley is for the whole day, the investigation is necessary!

From Svídnice there are no problems more.


The camping places are to be found in Seč and in Paseky, the accommodation could be reserved along all places along the river.


It is available in Hlinsko, Trhová Kamenice, Horní Bradlo, Seč, Bojanov, Svídnice, Slatiňany, Chrudim and Pardubice.

First aid:

It is available at health centres in Hlinsko, Trhová Kamenice, Seč, Slatiňany, Chrudim and Pardubice.

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