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The river sources in Žďárské vrchy, near to the community of Svratouch.
flow length:
104 km

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Published: 10.3.2008
The town of Hlinsko is situated in Chrudim district in Pardubice Region. At border of Preserved Nature Area Žďárské Hills and Železné Hills, in valley of Chrudimka river, live more 10000 inhabitants.

You find in town many cultural as well as sportings equipments, as an example: one of oldest town´s museums and galleries in Bohemia. The town cross several marked tourists and cyclotourists ways. First written notice comes of 1349. Hlinsko was placed on merchant way from Bohemia to Moravia and belonged to Rychmburk dominion, later to Pardubice parentage. Since 1834, Hlinsko was declared as a town, since 1865 to 1919 was district town. From handicraft small town, successively became an industrial town, and  potter´s trade, weaving and wire-drawing changed furrier´s trade, textile and machinery industry, brewery, milk-production industry and stone-mining industry. 

Hlinsko, BethlehemHlinsko, City HallHlinsko, museum


As to historical monuments: it is a stronghold, probably the oldest monument of town. Further, so called Ježdík House of 1904, decorated with sgraffitos of painer M.Aleš. Town hall was built in 1598, first it was made from wood, later, in 18th century, rebuilt in Baroque style, and again re-built in 1850. Anyway, very popular is a historical quarter known as Betlém. You find here carpentered houses of middle of 18th century. Within 1730-1745, there was built a church of Virgin Mary, on places of original church, from it remained a tower only up to now.


Text: Markéta Řandová

Foto: Wikimedia Commons, Michal Louč, č.2, Nina.b, Ben Skála




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