River Dyje - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river springs in Austria, and surges afterthat into Morava river.
flow length:
235 km

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CZ: Znojmo – Wine, Cucumbers, and Fascinating History – VIDEO
Published: 19.7.2016
There is beautiful historical town of Znojmo near the border with Austria on the south of Moravia. It became famous for its wine and cucumbers. Only few know that you can find here, for instance, the relic of St Bonifac, many Middle-Ages landmarks, and that popular TEDx conferences take place there. Let's see Znojmo throughour article and the lense of our videocamera.

CZ: Podivin – A Forgotten Town Near Lednice – VIDEO
Published: 12.7.2016
We are going to conclude our mini-series on Lednice-Valtice cultural landscape in podivin. It is a small town on the way to D2 freeway. This town doesn´t belong to the compound. However, it would be a missed opportunity to not to see it. A uniqe Jewish wedding ceremonial hall or Januv castle (a Liechtenstein structure imitating historical architectonic styles) are just a few to name some landmarks. We are not completely sure how the name Podivin came into existence…

Published: 18.2.2008
District town of Břeclav is situated in South Moravia Region in valley meadow of Dyje-river. This town with 26000 inhabitants is an important railway junction distant 50 kms in southeastern direction of Brno. In surroundings of town you find Lednice-Valtice area and further munuments registered in a Survey of Worlds´ Heritage UNESCO.

Published: 17.9.2007
The town of Znojmo is situated in South Moravia, in southwestern direction from Brno. It is placed on left bank of Dyje river. The town is famous with its production of conserved cucumbers and wine. Local climatic conditions as well as an altitude (289 m) are favourable for vine and of fruit in general. In the town there is also established ceramics industry.


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