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River Dyje - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river springs in Austria, and surges afterthat into Morava river.
flow length:
235 km

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CZ: Znojmo - South Moravia Jewel
heading (paragraph): Cities
No. of pictures: 18 pictures

Historical town of Znojmo, situated along high bank of Dyje-river Valley, belongs to most remarkable sightseeings of South Moravia. Its ancient fame is confirmed with monuments, such as: St.Catherine Rotunda, including unique pictures, many churches as well as monuments of church character, or with labyrinth of subterranean corridors. Town Hall Tower is city dominanta, but it is worth to make a stop in near area of former Jesuits´ Monastery, with Prokopius Diviš bust. This person constructed lighting conductor, as the first one in Europe. Another interesting fact: in 17th century, even Emperor Leopold I. was hidden in complex of Jesuits´ Monastery in front of plague epidemy, which broke out in Vienna. The reminiscences of past periods remind often small streets of old town, including Jewish quarter (where some sections of TV film „Četnické humoresky“- Gendarme Sketches - were filmed there). As another imposant experience, it is wonderful outlook from town´s fortifications downstairs to Dyje-Valley and towards near Louka Monastery. So, if you decide to visit Znojmo, would you take in mind that during autumn wine vintage celebrations, the town centre is full of good wine lovers as well as traditional folklore. And, last but not least, all 77 Znojmo wonders could not be watched within one days only.

Text/photo: Jiří Výborný

CZ: Lednice castle I.
heading (paragraph): Sights
No. of pictures: 15 pictures

Lednice Chateau is one of the most beautiful in Moravia. The area along the neighbouring chateau in Valtice was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Originally a water castle in the valley of the river Thaya came in the 19th century neo-gothic form and after the recent restoration of the facade welcomes visitors glowing apricot colour. Attached photos are from the beginning of September 2011. In addition to the castle and its exhibitions are worth the attention of other buildings and large park. There we look next time.

Text a photo: Martina Výborná

CZ: Lednice II. - Chateau Greenhouse
heading (paragraph): Places Of Interest
No. of pictures: 24 pictures

Chateau of Lednice offers the visitor several topics to explore. Equally appealing is the unique greenhouse walk behind the castle on the edge of a park. Architects admire his cast-iron construction, but for most visitors the attraction of clear interior with exotic plants, flood thermophilic flowers, a pond with fish, as well as benches, sitting on instructing the middle of a tropical nature.

Text and photo (September 2011): Martina Výborná

CZ: Lednice III. - Park
heading (paragraph): Sights
No. of pictures: 29 pictures

Visit the castle in Lednice in southern Moravia enjoys also the one, who is not too interested in historic interiors. Maybe even you can spend all day walking the extensive castle area. Someone might feel better in a geometrically symmetrical French park with flowers and statues in the immediate neighbourhood of the castle, the other prefers more natural English park with ponds and several romantic buildings locked. The most popular of them is unique in Central Europe as a lookout tower in the Turkish style, a minaret. Arcade building with a tall slender tower is 60 meters and offers three levels of viewing galleries. At the top you have to go through 302 steps, but the reward is a unique view into the park and surrounding area with the majestic Massif Pálava on the horizon. Minaret Road to around the pond is less than two kilometres long and one can go by foot, boat or car with the horses yoke.

Text and photo (September 2011): Martina Výborná


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