River Elbe - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river sources on Labska meadow in Giant Mountains, it mouths in North Sea in Germany.
flow length:
1154 km

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River description:

Labe (Elbe) is the greatest river which sources in Czech Republic. We find its spring on Labská Meadow in Giant Mountains in the altitude of 1384 m of sea level. As a brook flows first to the south, afterthat to southeast, at Pardubice - as a big river – turns to west and northwest to Děčín, where leaves Czech Republic at Hřensko. The Elbe-basin has its area relating to 51,400.000 km2 and  drains nearly all territory of Bohemia. Its river-basin makes total 144,100.000 km2. The Elbe kilometrage is traditionally calculated from Vltava – estuary in Mělník, where is a zero of both directions. The basic Elbe kilometrage is led against the stream to the spring, the second along the stream ahead up to Hřensko, where on a state border there is a zero of German kilometrage. The Elbe was descended over the community of Špindlerův Mlýn, but this terrain does not belong to standard routes, moreover, this line is situated in Giant Mountains Preserved National Park (KRNAP), where the navigation is not allowed.

The river-flow from Labská-Dam is wild and in narrow valley, where  a remarkable slope, with numerous rapids and stages, is to be overcome. In this section there are taken place every year popular slalom or raft events and contests. Near to Vrchlabí the valley begins to open and a slope is moderating , but several weirs makes the flow to slow down. In a section Vrchlabí-Hostinné there are held touristic watermen descends. The river-bed here is 10-20 m wide, on some places stony with natural thresholds and overgrown along banks. After Hostinné the river leaves definitely the mountaneous countryside and flows with calm stream to Jaroměř, where takes the typical character of plain river. From Pardubice-town the Elbe is a water-way for big ships. The river-bed is embanked, with many old arms , 50-60 m of width.  From Mělník flows throughout Bohemian Highlands and before the state border through picturesque valley of Děčín Walls. The navigation is not much disturbed, except of weirs and ship traffic. As to treibutaries of Elbe there are many, and  are mostly described in our kilometrage.


We find camping places in Vrchlabí, Pardubice, Přelouč, Poděbrady, Ostrá, Kostelec, Mělník, Liběchov, Litoměřice and Děčín.

The respective accommodation can be secured in all bigger towns.


The Elbe river flows through civilization, in any bigger town you find everything what is necessary.

First aid:

The Elbe river flows through civilization, in any bigger town you find everything what is necessary.

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TIP: INFOGLOBE app is available for your device, download HERE.