River Jihlava - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river sources in Jihlava Hills near to the community of Jihlávka.
flow length:
163 km

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CZ, Dolní Kounice: Rosa Coeli A Forgotten and Magical Monastery– VIDEO
Published: 27.10.2020
The picturesque wine town of Dolní Kounice is located about 25 kilometers from Brno on the river Jihlava. The castle and the unique area of the abandoned monastery of Rosa coeli, to which we will now go together, attract visitors.

CZ, Třebíč: By Bike From Hladov to Třebíč and Back
Published: 8.10.2020
Třebíč lies on the border of Vysočina and Moravia. Today we will go there by bike from Hladov and a total of 63 km circuit awaits us. Třebíč is an ideal place where you can explore the rich history and at the same time stay in undisturbed nature. The picturesque character of the local landscape and nature creates suitable relaxation conditions and a wide range of opportunities for active recreation, especially in hiking and biking.

CZ, Trebic – The Newest Addition to UNESCO
Published: 29.6.2017
The Jewish quarter and St Procopius' basilica are the last Czech sight which made it to the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. The sights were added in 2003 but have existed in Trebic much longer time. Today, we show you what you might be missing if you haven't been to Trebic yet.

Published: 12.10.2007
The town of Třebíč is situated in southeaster part of Vysočina Region, in western part of Moravia. You find it on middle way between Brno and Jihlava, nearly 40000 inhabitants are living here. History of a town placed along Jihlava-river comes to 1101. At present, Třebíč is a cultural, administrative, political as well as industrial centre of a district.

Published: 11.10.2007
The town of Ivančice is a small town distant approx. 20 kms in southwestern direction of Brno. It is situated on a confluence of Jihlava, Oslava and Rokytná rivers in an altitude of 210 m of sea level. It is ranged to the oldest towns in Moravia.

Jihlava town
Published: 7.10.2007
Jihlava is situated in Bohemia-Moravian Highlands and it is a trade, administrative, cultural and industrial centre of Vysočina Region. The town was founded by Wenceslas I. in the first middle of 13th century after discovery of silber mineral veins. Jihlava is placed on border of Bohemia and Moravia on a river of the same name nad has nearly 50000 inhabitants.


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