River Kamenice - Czech republic

spring (source):
This river sources in Lužické Mountains from the opposite part of the same hill as Chřibská Kamenice in the altitude of 595 m of sea level.
flow length:
35 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

The water situation on Kamenice is comparatively  balanced. Kamenice river is navigable in the section of passes under moderate higher water-levels in the area. The upper flow is navigable during spring snow-thaw or after stron rains. The optimal stand for lower section is 40 cm of water-index in Hřensko or 30 cm in Všemily.At higher water level – more than 60 cm – the navigation throughout Hřensko passes becomes very difficult. Very dangerous are laying trees in water in immenses places. The upper flow is navigable at water-index of 40 cm in Všemily. The navigation along the upper section is a bit quicker as in passes, where it is necessary to investigate some places in advance and to carry over the boats.The lower flow of thew river is situated in the Natural Protected Area of Labské Sandstones. so the drive within summer months is not allowed. The most suitable period for navigation is the spring or autumn.

The rivers springs in Lužické Mountains , its flow is headed alternately  for north  and west and in this direction it mouths in Hřensko from the right side to  Elbe. Its river-basin makes 217 km2.  In its upper flow the Kamenice river streams  through not-deep valley  and weakly afforested countryside. Anyway, near to Všemily cuts into sandstones and forms beautiful canons  and passes up to its mouth. In its upper flow the bed is stony, but the rapids are clear. Near to Dolský mlýn (Dolský Mill) in sandstone passes there are places with  passages of one meter width only, with stages and cascades. It is better to investigate it first. As the slope is not  big, and it is, moreover, balanced with weirs, mostly not navigable, these passes belong to the difficult places. Its difficulty depends on water level. However, they are dangerous at high water level.


We find a camping place in Mezní Louka.


It is available in Česká Kamenice, Srbská Kamenice, Všemily, Vysoká Lípa, Mezná, Hřensko.

First aid:

It is available in health centres in Česká Kamenice and Hřensko.

Places of interest:


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