River Klabava - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river sources in the forests of highest parts of Brdy Highlands – in southeastern direction of Teslina at the altitude of 678 m of sea level.
flow length:
36 km

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River description:

Padrťský brook as a spring of Klabava sources in the forests of highest parts of Brdy Highlands. The brook flows throughout  Padrťské ponds to the north, near  to the community of Strašice turns to west and afterthat alludes in its final part to the north, where near to Chrást mouths from the right part to Berounka-river. The river-basin makes 372 km2. In its upper part Klabava flows through military area near to Strašice. The entrace there is limited therefore. Its direction is led through narrow, partially overgrown stony bed. We can assume that this section could be navigable from ponds, hiwever, this section was not described. Narrow, unclear bed ends near to Dobřív, where runs in do Rokycany-basin and takes its name of Klabava. Near to Rokycany is situated Klabava-Dam and a lake in an inundated quarry. The river is regulated in this section. From the outflow of the lake starts nice and quite easy section up to Berounka-river. The river flows through open valley between forests and meadows. The slope in the upper section is fair, some danger could create laying trees in a bed and quick stream. Some weirs are – after investigation – navigable. It is necessary to describe the river in general.

Padrťský brook is navigable during snow-thaw or sfter strong rains.  The water-level can be estimated at road-bridge No. 117 near to Strašice. If the brook seems to be good navigable, it is worth to go up.  Near to Ejpovice shows the water-index 70 cm at sign in Chrást. The upper flow from Strašice to Dobřív is a little slower, owing to investigation of water-level and carrying over the boats, anyway, from Ejpovice the drive is more calm and clear.


We find suitable camping place at Ejpovice, and further at Nadryby on Berounka-river.


It is available in places: Strašice, Dobřív, Rokycany, Ejpovice, Chrást.

First aid:

It is available at health centres: Strašice, Rokycany, Chrást.

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