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The river sources in Austria as a Lainsitz between Tischberg and Eichelberg in an altitude of 990 m of sea level.
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186 km

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Berta Spa Třeboň
Locality type:
Region of South Bohemia

Berta Spa is situated in historical nucleus of the town of Třeboň, South Bohemia Region, in an altitude of 420 metres above sea level. Local healing sources of peat bogs served a man of old of yore. Preserved written notices and documents about „Třeboň bathkeepering“ come from 1666. Anyway, the founder of Berta Spa was Mr.Hucek, local teacher and chronist. Later, in 1883, the first healing house was built, and the era of balneology boom started. In 1975, in order all requirements of patients could be fulfilled, new complex, Aurora Spa, was constructed. So, this complex fulfilled completely the conditions, valid for all year round operation, and so, healing cure was open for great number of visitors.

Berta spaBerta spaBerta spa

Vast fínding places of peat bogs of different composition belong to nature healing sources. They are being used for combined baths and wrappings. Wide spectrum of water-healing procedures helps for healing of moving apparatus and all diseases connected with. Another part of spa is formed with rehabilitation basin with massage effects. Nevertheless, suitable addition of stay here, there are hours, spent in Preserved Countryside Area Třeboňsko. The country is rich on ponds, parks and unique fauna and flora. Town´s monumental zone could enrich all visitors, as far as historical sightseeings of the castle, monastery or other places of interest are concerned.

Berta spa

Text: Monika Babická

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: google, panoramio.com

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