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The river sources in Austria as a Lainsitz between Tischberg and Eichelberg in an altitude of 990 m of sea level.
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186 km

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Dobronice castle
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Tábor district

The community Dobronice, near to the town of  Bechyně, is very popular tourist locality, thanks to its marvellous snug corners, original peoples´ architecture buildings, pleasant environment along Lužnice-river, or thanks to Middle Age castle ruins.

The oldest Dobronice-castle could be placed into examples of classical bergfrit disposition. Castle ruin, placed on rocky headland over Lužnice-river in an altitude of 440 metres above sea level, is distant 6 kms from small town of Bechyně, in north-east direction. So, Dobronice village was established at the end of 12th century, and the castle was built two hundred years later. Shortly after its foundation, the original owners sold it to than Divis. His descendands kept the castle till the beginning of 15th century. Consequently, the castle owners changed several times, and despite the fact that Rosenberg Parentage got it for short time period, great changes came with John and Andrew of Rzavá. The dominion obtained Gothic face. Further owners, Hozlauer Parentage, administrated it quite well, and the castle was very prosperous after long time period.

However, all sons of Christopher Hozlauer  participated in active way the estate uprising. This fact caused property confiscation later. Bohuslav, one of brothers, scraped necessary money with difficulties, in order to safe the property, however, he died in the course of his efforts. The castle came into possession of Jesuits Order. They omnifariously used it as their summer residence till 1727, when they moved their centre to the community of Opařany, and the castle remained abandoned. Anyway, till  this Order closure in 1773, the castle was well kept. However, the administrator Halwinger let the castle demolished and the building became delapidated. Today, the castle dominates not only conic tower, but there were preserved also rests of castle palace of 14th century, inhabitated buildings and a chapel.


Not far distant from the castle, there is to be found Gothic church of Virgin Mary mentioned just in 1350. From here, there is nice round view on Lužnice-river. The legend says that one unknown devil bet - during Holy Mass held in this church - that he would be able to bring a stone from Rome sooner, when the priest finishes his Mass. Because he lost his bet, he threw in fury the stone into Lužnice-river. The prints of devil´s clwas could be seen on the stone even now. The environs offer many attractions, including shooting from historical cross-bow, throws with fighting axe and escutcheons. Ruin of Dobronice castle is well accessible from the village of the same name or from Bechyně or Tábor, following red signs along Lužnice-river. From railway stop Třebelice, there is blue signed route, leading directly to the castle ruin.

Text: Denisa Arvajová

Photo: Google Earth


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