River Lužnice - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river sources in Austria as a Lainsitz between Tischberg and Eichelberg in an altitude of 990 m of sea level.
flow length:
186 km

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Tábor Circle
Locality type:
Cycling of curve
Tábor district

Your excursion could be started on a bridge across Lužnice river, where you drive, from Garnet Rock to the community of Čelkovice. You follow the marked cycling route No. 11 towards the community of Větrovy, where you can investigate your next way from Hýlačka look out tower. You continue to the left towards the community of Radimovice, and from its south edge, you drive in direction towards the forest, anyway, after 300 m distance you turn away to the left and drive downstars to the river. You continue your way, following yellow marked tourist trail, up to the community of Planá nad Lužnicí. You cross the bridge and turn to the right. From Planá, you drive along narrow road in direction to the community of Košice, following marked cycling road No. 32, and further across undulated countryside, via Skopytce towards the community of Choustník. Green marked tourist trail leads you upstairs to the ruin of Choustník Castle. The same way you use on your return drive.

Further, you follow yellow marked tourist trail, via Chrbonín to the community of Radenín, mounting up to the community of Dlouhá Lhota. You drive, via forest, to the community of Turovec and continue your way in direction towards Tábor. In front of small bridge across Kozsky brook, you turn to the left and reach shortly the pier of Jezero Pond, turning to the right. Tourist trails lead you to Kozí Hrádek. Further, you return back to pier of Jezero Pond, cross the pier of Ušák Pond, and arrive to the town of Sezimovo Ústí. Further, you follow red marked tourist trail up to the community of Koldovka and drive, via Dolejšův Dvůr, back in direction to Tábor.

Route length: 53 kms



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