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The river of Mže is created by connection of several spring brooks in Český les.
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106 km

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Published: 2.2.2008
The town of Tachov – with more than 12000 inhabitants – is situated in Region of Pilsen. It is formed with quarter part of Tachov and village parts of Biletín, Mýto, Oldřichov, Světce, Vítkov, Malý and Velký Rapotín. Originally Slave piece of ground was placed on so called „Nurenberg Path“, which connected Bohemia with Bavaria.

First written notice comes of 1126, when Knight Soběslav let built  frontier fortifications around the town.

A big development was noted in Tachov within the reign of Přemysl Ottakar II. It was constructed new stony castle and founded new King´s town. In 15th century the town was a witness of several fights between Hussites and their opponents, afterthat the town suffered from four big fires. In 17th century  Tachov became, thanks to participation in Anti-Habsburg revolt, a servitude town with limited rules.  In that time-period, when in 18th century owned this dominion by Parentages of Losy and Windischgratz, the castle was reconstructed again , first in Baroque style and later in Neo-classical style.  Both parentages participated in an important part on enlarging and  farming in dominion.

TachovTachov CastleTachov, riding saints 

The proud of a town form town´s fortifications of  middle of 14th century. 24 towers were originally parts of fortification, most of them are preserved until present time.

In outskirts you can visit several instruction paths, look-out-towers, tourist ways or cycloroutes., direct in Tachov-centre Museum Of Bohemian Forest with an exhibition of history in district.

As to sports activities: you can visit winter and town´s stadium, swimming pool, minigolf, bathing place. In western part of Tachov it os situated descent route Vysoká.


Photo: WIkipedia.org, Ondrej.konicek, č.2, č.3, č.4


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