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The river sources in Bohemian Forest near to Hadí vrch (Snake Hill) in an altitude of 938 m of sea level.
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39 km

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Castle of Velhartice
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Klatovy district


castle VelharticeThis castle with its wing presents an important monument of fortress tecnics. It is situated on a hill in the community of the same name, 10 kms distant from town of Sušice.

Arrival, parking

You drive from Strakonice and follow the road in Sušice direction (roads Nos. 22 and 169), further, you continue along road No. 187, from here, you find marked branch-line. From Klatovy, your way will follow roads Nos. 27 and 171. As to parking, you can leave your car near to the castle on a square.


The castle was founded on break of 13th and 14th century. Its main part is formed by Putna Tower (Butt Tower) and a big stony bridge. In 15th century, there were hidden Bohemian  Coronation Jewels. In 17th century, there was constructed new castle wing nearby. The last owner lived here till 1946.

castle VelharticePresent time

Oblong ground-plan contains several lodge-and farmers buildings including several protective elements, joined together in one unit.

Interesting fact

Bušek of Velhartice lived here in 14th century. He acted as a Lord Chamberlain of King Charles IV. Writer Jan Neruda mentioned their friendship in his poem.


The castle is open for public since 1999. There are three guided tours available. First circle is dedicated to castle-exteriors. You can follow the way of life in Middle Ages by means of chess-play. Second circle leads through castle interior rooms, where you can follow the entertainment in past. Audio-video programme presents the castle-history as well as reconstruction works.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Johan N, Michal Jarkovský, č.2



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