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The river is created by confluence of Vydra and Křemelná rivers near to Čeňkova pila in Bohemia Forest.
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113 km

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Published: 6.11.2007
The town of Horažďovice is situated between Strakonice and Klatovy in an altitude of 427 m, 15 kms distant in northeastern direction of Sušice. The town flows the river of Otava. Historical centre was declared as town´s monumental zone.

Horažďovice, Red GateThe first notice speak about the community of Gorazdějovice, founded by a priest Gorazděj.(St.Gorazd was in 997 declared as a Patron of a town). The community was raised to a town in 1292 by a King Wenceslas II. In past, there was an artificial breeding of pearl-bears, its fishing up was organised by Lordship only. The breeding was placxed in Mlýnská stoka (Mill Stagnant)which is a left arm of Otava-river. In 1809 and 1818 the fishing up participated also the Emperor Frank Joseph I. The last fishing up was in 1944 and the result was interesting – more than 20 thousands of pearl-bears were obtained – so it was tens of pieces of pearls.

Horažďovice, castleOn Square of Piece (Mírové náměstí) we find a church of St. Peter and Paul, built in 1260-1273. Inside you find a Gothic baptismal font and on the altar late Gothic Madonna of 1775. On the square there is situated town hall, here there is Town´s Office. Just opposite of town hall Horažďovice Church. Peter and Paulbuilding there is  plague column of Blessed Virgin Mary of 1725. The town´s dominante forms a castle. This Renaissance-Baroque is situated on a place of former water stronghold of 13th century. During 13th century the satronghold was rebuilt to a castle. Now, we find here the local museum, where we can admire the exposition of history of town and environs.

The other place of interest is Masné krámy (Butcher´s Shops), situated in Hradební street. In past, the shops were along both sides of  a street, but, unfortunately after a fire in 1689, remain only one part with twelve Horažďovice, meat markethouses, having its doors in Classic style, beside it there is inserted a shutter on sale-window. The shops have wooden ceilings.

On Huss Square we find a monastery church of Virgin Mary, in its second floor there live the nuns of Order Notre Dame. For sportsmen there is available a swimming-stadium, fitting-centre, lawn-tennis courts, soccer playground, climbing-wall.

As to cultural activities: so called Cultural Centre is available, further cinema, town´s museum, marionette theatre or theatre ensemble.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons, , Marek Šimon, č.2, č.3, č.4  





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