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The river is created by confluence of Vydra and Křemelná rivers near to Čeňkova pila in Bohemia Forest.
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113 km

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Published: 8.2.2008
The town of Písek (with nearly of 30000 inhabitants) is situated in South Bohemia Region . Písek was founded in middle of 13th century along banks of Otava-river. The town developped quickly, thanks to trade and gold mining. Today, Písek is a cultural, tourist as well as sports centre.

Since 14th century the town of Písek became a centre of vast Prácheň-Region. In the course of 30-years´ war, the town was conquested and destroyed several times. Anyway, from 19th century the town began to change in very important way, many tenant houses were built and new cultural institutions and assotiations were founded. Historical nucleus of town was declared as a cultural monumental zone. The traditional factories in Písek became textil factory of Jitex and Meat-Complex ZŘUD, further big companies were built in 1990. Except of these, ther are placed, near to the town, a big thermal-power-plant and quarries.

PisekPisek, City LibraryPisek, Great Square

Now, there are efforts to re-establish a tourist traffic in the town. As to town´s monuments: there is, first of all, the oldest preserved bridge in Bohemia. This National Cultural Monument was built at the end of 13th century. The bridge, 111 m long, is decorated with Baroque statues of St. John Nepomuk, Calvary, St. Anne and St. Anton of Padova. The bridge was originally ended  by defending towers at both edges, but these towers did not preserved up to now.

Further monuments: it is a castle of middle of 13th century built for Bohemian King Přemysl Ottakar II. In past, the construction lost three towers and a part of west-wing over Otava – river preserved till now only. The castle was re-built to a brewery, after to military barracks. At present, we find here Prácheň Museum. 


Between 1740-1767, there was built two-storey Baroque Town Hall on a main square.Originally, there were arcades here, but these were cancelled in 19th century. As to Church monuments: it is monastery church of S.Cross, parish church of Birth of Virgin Mary of middle of 13th century, and former cemetery with a church of Holy trinity. A plague epidemy the town suffered from in 1713, reminds plague statues on Aleš square. It consists of statue of Blessd Virgin Mary and statues of St. Joseph, Sebestian, Rochus, Wenceslas, Lawrence, Barbara, Frank Xaverius. Mary Magdalene and Pius V. 


Text: Markéta Řandová

Foto: Wikipedia.org, Chmee2, č.2, Esperanto-klubo Písek, Cryoman, č.2, Aktron, č.2



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