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spring (source):
This river sources in Bohemian Forest near to Pomezní vrch (Pomezní Hill) in an altitude of 1000 m of sea level.
flow length:
6 km

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River description:
Řasnice river is navigable at higher water level, i.e. during snow thaw in spring or after heavy rains only. The navigability can be estimated on a bridge in Hliniště. If the entrance cascade is good navigable, you can drive in a river. The upper section can be descent within an hour, the whole flow takes 2 hours. However, the upper section can be recommended for navigation to experienced watermen only.
The river sources in Bohemian Forest near to Pomezní vrch (Pomezní Hill) in an altitude of 1000 m. It flows to the east till its mouth into Teplá river nar to Lenora. Its river basin makes 89 km². In its upper flow, the river flows through peat-bogs, between meadows. Near to Hliniště, the river cuts the terrain and flows in a distance of 2 kms through narrow, rocky river-bed with two cascades. The river bed (after Hliniště) is only 3-5 m wide. Anayway, under Slacer Mill, its slope becomes lower, and the river meandres between meadows to Vltava-river. In some literature, it is meant as Grassy Vltava.

You can use the camping place in Lenora or take suitable accommodation in Volary or Lenora.
Food supply:
The centre of the area, suitable for shopping, is Lenora.
First aid:
It is available in health centre in Lenora.
Places of interest:

Lenora: see Vltava.


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