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Sázava flows, at first, as a small river from Velké Dářko pond.
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225 km

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CZ, Lipnice nad Sázavou – Art Hidden in Forest
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Let our today's photo gallery take you to the area of carved rocks above the flooded granite quarries located near Lipnice nad Sázavou. We will visit the Eavesdropping Memorial - Bretschneider's Ear, followed by the Mouth of Truth, Golden Eyes or other artistic gems. In the shade of the forest, we discover the beauty of nature and the view of the Middle Ages in the form of a beautiful castle of Lipnice.


Text and photos: Karol Kobella (www.karolkobella.sk)

Edited by: Infoglobe

CZ, Sázava – Bohemia's Gem
heading (paragraph): Rivers
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Join us to a trip to the river of Sázava, which offers in addition to the golden surface and beautiful natural scenery, many historical sites and monuments proudly standing on its banks. We visited a section around the village of Čtyřkoly, where we enjoyed a ferry across the river and a walk through the river spa, climbed to the ruins of Zlenice Castle and finally walked in the woods along the stream of Mnichovka.


Text and photos: Oskár Mažgút


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