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This river sources near to Jevany in an altitude of 415 m of sea level.
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23 km

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Český Brod
Published: 17.8.2008
The town of Český Brod is placed in Central Bohemia region, on the edge on central Polabí (Elbe region) and front headlands of Central Bohemian Highlands.

Český Brod is an old Gothic town and is proud on its many historical building monuments. To Czech Brod, Hus Squarethose most importants, it belongs St.Gotthard Church, late Gothic stone bell-tower, Baroque group of statue sof Holy Family, work of Brokoff, preserved medioeval fortification and Prokop Great statue. The houses of its historical nucleus have cellars, through these you can penetrate into underground corridor system.

Czech Brod, belfryČeský Brod is, from its bigger part, placed along left bank of Šembera river. In town and in outskirts, you do not find marked cycling routes, but railway corridor from Prague to Olomouc passes here. From town, you find one signed tourist trail only, it serves also to cyclists. In north direction, there is a moderate terrain of central Elbe region, where the highest point is Zálužník hill (285 m). At southern edge of the town, you find vast orchards and vast afforested area and ponds, serving as bathing places.

Český Brod was probably founded by Jan I., Prague Bishop, in 12th century, on so called Trstěnice path, very important route in past. One hundred years later, there was created - from this old seat - the town Czech Brod Church. Gothardknown as Bishop´s Brod with busy market centre and fortification, granted many important rights, including fortification right. In 1437, Český Brod was declared, by Emperor Zikmund, as King´s town, and toen escutcheon was granted. Within 30- years war, the town was devastated, nearly depopulated and burned out. In sekond half of 18th century, Český Brod became a shrine, hundred years later the industrial development started. In 1945, German general Reumann entered into town´s history in such way, that he signed in local school the capitulation of German troops Mitte. Since 1990, the historical nucleus of Český Brod is declared as town´s monument zone.


Text: Denisa Arvajová

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Pkotrla, Prazak, č.2, č.3 


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