River Teplá - Czech republic

spring (source):
This river sources in Teplá Highlands not far from Mariánské Lázně in an altitude of 784 m of sea level.
flow length:
64 km

Basic information about river

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Water stages

River description:
The river of Teplá is navigable – on its upper section – at snow thaw in spring or after heavy rains. You can receive the orientation according to water register in Vodná, where the minimum is 50 cm. Anyway, under the dam is navigable after water letting out, if the water register in Karlovy Vary shows 30 cm at least. At tributary with Lomnický brook, the navigability can be estimated according to the weir. If this weir is navigable on its left part at least, so we can navigate through Karlovy Vary. Anyway, the water letting out is secured always on ocassion of watermen competition in September of each year. This activity is taken place carefully by Karlovy Vary watermen, do not worry!
The river sources in Teplá Highlands not far from Mariánské Lázně in an altitude of 784 m.
In its sourcing part, it flows to the east, and from Teplá it turns to the north. This direction is kept up to its mouth into Ohře river in Karlovy Vary. The river basin makes 408 km².
The river flows through nice valley between forests in stony river bed with higher slope.
Anyway the river-bed is clear and the navigation is not difficult. Near to Březová, we find a dam, where the watermen activities are taken place each year. The river bed under the pier is arranged, with many stages, famous especially near to Thermal hotel.
It is possible to to be accommodated in camping place in Karlovy Vary or i some hotels also in Karlovy Vary.
Food supply:
It is available in Bečov nad Teplou, Teplička and Karlovy Vary.
First aid:
It is available in health centres in Bečov nad Teplou and Karlovy Vary.
Places of interest:
Bečov nad Teplou: Gothic castle of 14th century, Renaissance castle of 16th century, rebuilt in Baroque style , Gothic church, later arranged in Baroque style of 18th century.
Březová: Neo-Gothic church of 19th century.
Karlovy Vary: see Ohře.


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