River Trnava - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river sources in southeastern direction of the community of Blanička in an altitude of 678 m of sea level.
flow length:
53 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages


Locality type:
Slalom race canals
Pelhřimov district


This slalom line, situated nearby very nice community of Zeliv, not far distant from the town of Humpolec (10 kms approx.) is, with its length and slope, one of most difficult lines of the world. As far as the building composition is concerned, the cannal is formed with concrete basin and numerous artificial barriers. From the very beginning, it caused a fright for drivers, even experienced runners entered these wild rapids with a fear. The reason for this fact, there were rubber bags which punished pitilessly each fault made on the route. Nevertheless, it was managed, after numerous changes, to arrange barrier composition in such way that, despite great number of jumps, rollers and streams, the route became quite safe and more popular among watermen. Each year, there are organized here competitions in slalom, rafting and descent. These events are suitable (including several training weekends) for competitors or courageous tourists as well.

However, this cannal has one disadvantage. Its construction is made on melting dam containing drinking water. From this reason, there is possible that the cannal could be set in operation several times in ya year only. The barriers in cannal are formed with concrete belts in bottom and 44 wooden doors, anchored into walls of cannal. At the end of cannal, there is placed 1,3 metres high jump with a roller, suitable for rodeo on wild water. This is not suitable for such people who are unable to lift for 100 percent. Otherwise, bad sailing is threating to you, and this fact could be unpleasant, especially from the reason of hardly pulsing water.


It is available on vast parking place at the beginning of cannal (free of charge during most of events).


In case of some accident, ther is a possibility to transport the injured person by car to hospital in the town of Pelhřimov (20 kms approx.), or try to call hospital in Pelhřimov.

Length:            700 m

Declivity:             11m

Passage across: 12 cubic metres/sec.

Depth:               0,9-1,3 m

Width:               10-12 m

Difficulty stage: WW 4-5



Czech republic


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