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The river sourses in Bohemian Forest. It flows to the north and it mouths in Pilsen to Radbuza river.
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108 km

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Plzeň - Pilsen
Published: 5.6.2008
The town of Pilsen is situated in the region of the same name. It was established in 1295, in conformity with the order of Bohemain King Wenceslas II. It is placed on confluence of rivers of Radbuza, Mže, Úhlava and Úslava. Since its foundation, the town is very important trade centre, as it was situated along frequented way crossings from Nurenberg to Regensburg.

Cathedral. BartholomewIn 14th century, Pilsen had an extention of 20 ha and 290 houses, so it became the third greatest town in Bohemia. During 1599-1600, the town was a temporary seat of Rudolph II., Roman Emperor and Bohemian King. In the course of Estates Uprising, Pilsen was besieged, and in 1618 was conquested by Mansfeld troops. At the end of 17th century, the town was identified with names of architects of James Auguston and sculptor Christian Widman. Historical nucleus was declared as town´s protected reservation in 1989. In first half of 19th century, the town undergone and important development. In 1842, there was founded Town´s Brewery, and nearly at the same time, Škoda Machinery Factory. Now, there are living in Pilsen nearly 165 000 inhabitants.

Great SynagoguePlaces of interest:

Tower of St.Bartholomew Cathedral, with its height of 102,6 m is the highest tower in Czech Republic. You can find here also Jewish synagogue, it is the third greatest synagogue of the world. In western part of town, you can visit ZOO garden, on north, you find vast forests, and on east well-known brewery building. The products of this brewery are well-known  and popular all over the world, and are exported abroad in big quantities. You find here many historical buildings and objects (historical square, Franziskaner Monastery, town hall in Renaissance style, towns´ houses, Baroque building of Episcopate, West-bohemian museum amd Joseph Kajetan Tyl Theatre. Anyway, most valuable treasury of a town is hidden in St. Bartholomew Cathedral is one of most beautiful statues - Madonna of Pilsen. You find here also a very complicated labyrinth of underground corridors. As far as children are concerned: you find here Ghost Museum, situated in basement spaces of hotel Central. From main square, you can take a comfortable small train up to ZOO garden.

JKTyls'Theatre West Museum Pilsner Urquell Brewery

Text: Onřej Barták

Photo: Wikipedia org., Adam Hauner, Slady, Norbert Aepli, č.2, č.3, č.4 



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