River Úhlavka - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river sources in Bohemian Forest near to the community of Velké Dvorce in an altitude of 545 m of sea level.
flow length:
38 km

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Locality type:
Náchod area, by the river Úhlavka

The dam was built as a lateral intervential bassin feeded by a leader of 2,34 kms of length of Úpa river by means of inflated weir constructed especially for this purpose in Zlíč, not far of Babiččino údolí („Grandmother´s Valley“). The leader is of double  trapezium´s profile on the bottom and in the lower part is fortified by concrete, and at a declivity of 0,75 promile. Its max. capacity is 150 m³s-1. The leader crosses three road bridges and one railway bridge. The reservoir alone is divided with poured pier - named Rovensko pier - 1,7 kms of length with 200 m long of concrete overflow for smaller sanitation part with use for recreation (northern) and bigger part - for more purposes - with the possibility of water-level decrease of 9 m (southern). This middle pier can be - in case of fulfilling of protective space - fully overflowed 160 cms under the level of max. level measure of elevation. In the middle of Rovenská pier it is situated  estuary tower of melting object with a boarded fastener on a tube JS 1500 mm.

Through this object it is possible to melt - from smaller part to the southern side of reservoir - the necessary volumes of water. The middle pier is - up to the overflow on the top - equipped with a road-way of 4 m width. In the southern part of this water-work the valley is crossed by poured pier of 412 m length with middle padding and injection gallery (for revision). The gallery of diameter 320/340 mm is established 2m under the surface of hard of marl and served to the high-pressured injectage of conjunctive shade. It leads away the soaked water. A water face of a pier is placed in an estuary tower with boarded  shutters on two letting out tubes, mouthing on an airy-side with segment - shutters in Rozkoš-brook.

This brook leads away the water - in the length of 3,49 kms - to Metuje river (max. 6m³.s-1). The water face of the main pier is strengtened with concrete blocks, the airy face is covered with grass. The asphalted road-way of 6 m width leads across the top of a pier. The main pier does not have any security overflow, this function is made by a weir in Zlíč, the height arrangement  of which  secures that the reservoir will not be fullfilled. The reservoir-filling with a water  and inundation-transfer is to be effected by means of  inflating object of a weir in Zlíč at the estuary into the leader. Úpa-river is boarded in a width of 20m by weir field - it is a tubular steel valve of 3,15 m height. The measure of elevation of max. erected valve is 282,95 m of sea level. In the right pillar of a weir there is situated  a machine-room with a raising mechanism, and in an opposite left pillar there is situated the fish-way, limnigraf and emergency flow. From place, near to the weir, on the right bank of Úpa river, is lead the innundation pier along a road. The water reservoir is situated in an area of communities and towns of Ratibořice, Nové Město nad Metují and Náchod. The total volume of water reservoir is 88.208 mil. m³. The surface at max. water - level is 1001.250 ha.

The water bassin Rozkoš, nicknamed as East-Bohemian Sea, is a water work on Rozkoš in Úpa-Metuje board. According to the space, it is the eight greatest dam in Czech Republic. The purpose of this water work is: the protection against flooding, improvement of flowing through Elbe, recreation, water sports and fish breeding for sports as well as trade use. The protective function is being fulfilled also with regard to Úpa river, meeting the Elbe-river. Rozkoš is also an important stop-place for migratory birds. the sport fish-hunting is being effected here. Maximal of held water surface is 1001,3 ha. Maximal outflow pier on top is 412,5 m long and 6m wide asphalted road  is placed here. The top only is of 8,5 m width and its heigth over the base is 26,4 m. It is interesting that the dam does not have the security overflow, its function is fulfilled by  inflated object in Zlíč. The bassin alone is divided by so called Rovenská pier into two parts, the pier is 1,7 kilometers long and on the western part, near to Spyty, is secured with 200 m of concrete overflow. The bassin is watered with Rozkoš, Rovenský brook and Úpa-leader. This leader is 2,34 kms long. The dam-construction was started in 1951, however, the  next year the building activity was stopped. Since 1964 the works were started again and the construction was terminated in 1969. Úpa-leader was finished in 1972. The Office of Povodí Labe (River Elbe Basin) is functioning as a manager of this dam.

Total volume of the reservoir: 76,154.10-6 m³

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