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River Úpa - Czech republic

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River of Úpa sources at a slope of Studniční hora in Giant Mountains.
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78 km

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CZ: Easy Trips in the Giant Mountains  – From Janské Lázně to Černá Hora
Published: 9.7.2020
Visitors go to our oldest national park for fresh air, mountain tours and unique nature. You can spend an active and unforgettable summer vacation here. We will give you a tip on what to visit and where to stay so that you are close to everything important.

Janské Lázně

We definitely recommend choosing Janské Lázně for accommodation. In this small spa town, hiking trails leading to the most beautiful places will start right behind you.

The city center is decorated with an Art Nouveau spa colonnade. Did you know that due to its construction, part of the valley of the Janský brook had to be filled in, which now flows piped under it? But just a short distance away you can see the wild valley in its original beauty. Take a walk along the old promenades, you will see a sandstone statue of the Krakonoš, the healing springs in Janský důl, the gazebo-glorietto and the Cross of Reconciliation. Other short walks can include the romantic Klauzový důl with beautiful nature and the waterfalls of the Černohorský brook or the former tower of the ski jump on the Central Ridge, where today you can sit on a giant sled. The trails are well marked and equipped with information boards, from which you will learn many local attractions.

Janské Lázně, centrum romantická krkonošská příroda Stezka korunami stromů

A new mega-attraction will certainly not escape your attention - the Treetop Trail and adrenaline lovers like the local rope park. Both are located directly in Janské Lázně, within easy reach of many hotels and guesthouses. We recommend the Penzion Adélka guest house, which is located right in the center, on Černohorská street. Guests have every conceivable comfort - in addition to comfortable renovated rooms also a sauna and Jacuzzi, a spacious games room with football, ping pong, billiards and darts, equipped kitchen equipped with everything necessary to let you cook, wi-fi and a garden with seating, barbecue and playground. However, guests are not dependent on their own cooking, for a kind money they can order half board, which they use extensively.

penzion Adélka v Janských Lázních

zahradní posezení u Adélky   bar v penzionu Adélka

Trips from Černá hora

Approximately 300 m from Adelka is the boarding station of Černohorský Expres, a cable car to Černá hora (1299 m). At the top, the tourist has several options where and how to go. The idea of renting a scooter looks interesting and you can start one of the three possible routes down from Montenegro. They are 8 to 11 km long and offer not only adrenaline rides but also wonderful views. One path leads around the quartz rock formations Blue Stones (Modré kameny).

výhled do Polska

The exit station of the cable car is only a few meters from the steel lookout tower, whose 21 meters offer a panoramic view of the Giant Mountains and the landscape in the foothills, but also the Jeseníky Mountains, the Eagle Mountains and the dominants of the Bohemian Paradise. There are two binoculars available, with which you can also see the details of the buildings on Sněžka!


Is 106 steps to the lookout tower too much for you? Does not matter. Right on the top of Černá hora is Černohorské rašeliniště (peat bog), a 6,000-year-old unique habitat with typical rare fauna and flora. An educational trail leads around it along an attic sidewalk with rest areas and a lookout tower. In nice weather, it is an easy, very nice and slightly educational walk in an environment that will appeal to children.

výšlap krkonošskou přírodou

You can continue from Černá hora along the tourist sign around Kolínská and Pražská bouda down to Pec pod Sněžkou, from where you drive back to Janské Lázně TourBUS. The road is about 8 km long and leads downhill.

There is a dense network of hiking trails and the routes are of varying difficulty, many of which are passable by bike. You can rent a bike and even an e-bike here. It will allow you to get to know a large piece of unique mountain nature in a few days.

And I tell you that, there is nothing nicer than to climb a hill in the morning and watch it break out of the Kerkonoše moth on a nice sunny day. Come and stay for a while!

GPS: 50°37'50.9"N 15°46'31.6"E


Penzion Adélka contact details:

Černohorská 160, Janské Lázně

tel.: 0420 774 60 20 20 

e-mail: ekubesa@seznam.cz

WWW: penzionadelka.cz


Text: PR, R. Snížková, Penzion Adélka

Photos: PatrikPaprika, Pixabay, Penzion Adélka

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