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River of Úpa sources at a slope of Studniční hora in Giant Mountains.
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78 km

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Published: 4.4.2008
The town of Úpice is situated on a confluence of Úpa and Radečka rivers. However, it is not known when exactly there was created the original community. This community was placed on strategic important place, protecting merchant way, so called Kladsko merchant route.

Anyway, it could be so that Úpice, as a guard community, was established much more earlier, as Tas of Vízmburg built his castle (Vízmburg) near to Havlovice, in 1279. Vizmburg dominion supported its small town of Úpice open-handed, and granted many rights, including criminal, market, beer cooking, etc. In Hussite period, Úpice community sttod on utraquist part. From this reason, it was burned down by Silesians in 1421.

In 1604, there was established the first school building in a town. In 1625, this small town sufferd from three invasion of Swedish troops. During Prussia-Austrian wars (Silesian Heritage) it camped here Austrian army several times.

Anyway, in second half of 19th century, we can follow a quick development of industry, especially textile industry. First spinning-factory was built in 1851, later, in 1894, the production of balances (scales) started, and, finally, a modern weaving mill was established  in 1905. So, Úpice became one of most industrialized towns of northeastern Bohemia.

Today, the town of Úpice has 6000 inhabitants approx. On a hill „U Lipek“ (At Small Line-Trees) you can visit an observatory and watch night sky or a Sun. The town offers historical instructive path, theatre, cinema, museum as well as a library. Except of there, there exist here many possibilities for sporting activities.

Text: Markéta Řandová



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