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spring (source):
Vltava river is created by confluence of Teplá (Warm) and Studená (Cold) Vltava in a natural preserve Mrtvý luh near to the community of Nová Pec in Bohemian Forest.
flow length:
430 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

The upper source springs in a gap between hills of Černá hora (Black Mountain) and Stráž, on a state border with Germany, near to the community of Kvilda in an altitude of 1172 m of sea level, first as a Černý potok (Black Brook), and from Kvilda as Teplá Vltava (Warm Vltava). The second source, Studená Vltava (Cold Vltava) flows from the right side after 30 kilometers of distance.  From its sprong up to Vyšší Brod, the river follows the state border, afterthat it turns with sharp bent to the north to inland, and this direction is kept (except a loop in Prague where it declinates to the east and again to the north) to its mouth into Labe (Elbe) in Mělník.


In towns and villages along  river flow.

Food supply:

It is available in all bigger towns or villages.

First aid:

It is available in health centres in places: Lenora, Horní Planá, Frymburk, Vyšší Brod, Rožmberk nad Vltavou, Český Krumlov, České Budějovice, Hluboká nad Vltavou, Kamýk nad Vltavou, Štěchovice, Zbraslav, Praha


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