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Vltava river is created by confluence of Teplá (Warm) and Studená (Cold) Vltava in a natural preserve Mrtvý luh near to the community of Nová Pec in Bohemian Forest.
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430 km

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Company Events – Cruise on the Boat Prague, or Train Rental for Prague or Outside the City
Published: 15.5.2017
You may have experienced a party on a steamer. But did you know you can rent entire train? Are you looking for an unusual place for a wedding? Are you planning a company event, teambuilding, or you simply want to surprise your business partner by some unusual presentation? Rent a steamer or even a train!

Parníky Praha

If you want to enjoy diverse vistas of Prague take a steam boat ride down the Vltava river. It is fun for children and adults alike. Moreover, you will see quite a lot without tirying your feet. Large companies or groups of people can rent a boat. Boats have interesting interiors. Cruises commence at Na Frantisku harbor on the Dvorak's embankment by the Stefanik Bridge. You can have a birthday party any time in the year. Boats have both heating and air conditioning. You will see the Charles Bridge, or  the Smichov lock. There is nothing better than watch beautifully illuminated Vysehrad at night with a glass of sparkling wine while having a a dinner on the boat. Should you rent a boat for a private cruise you can choose a custom route.

More information here: www.lode-praha.cz

raut na parníku   a party on a steamer

Absolute stunner is to rent a train. You will ride on a historic train with either steam, or diesel engine. Your choice. And you won't be hungry either. A la carte menu ensures you will eat great meals, and have a choice from wide variety of drinks.

pronájem vlaku

Should you like to experience something beyond ordinary than try to make a train birthday party which takes place in a historic train. We can provide special decoration according to your wishes, and even rename the train for you. Moreover, you can choose the track you want to ride. Rides to Krivoklat, or Karlstejn castles are very popular. It is  great to visit a brewery or Melnik, and Nelahozeves chateaux. But you can have something truly extraordinary. Did you know that there are tracks that are almost forgotten? Orache slowly grows over them, and there are even "ghost train stations". If there is something like a safe adventure than this is it. You can find out more about things you can do on such a train here: www.specialnivlaky.cz. There is a form allowing to rent a private, or company ride.

pronajměte si vlak k firemním akcím

celebration on a train

Enjoy summer on a boat, or train!


Text and photos: Parníky Praha

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