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CZ, Prague – Wallestein Garden and Other Quaint Nooks of Prague
Published: 5.11.2017
This time we take a walk into the streets of Prague. We will omit the main landmarks on purpose. Our goal is to see places with for distinct atmosphere of their own, places that you will love.

Wallenstein Garden is our first tip. Situated in Mala Strana close to Malostranska station. The garden is one of the most distinct early-baroque structures in Bohemia. The garden belongs to the Wallestein Palace, the seat of the Senate of the Czech Republic.

Valdštejnská zahrada

The construction of the garden commenced in the early 17th century with the construction of the palace. At first, the garden was desigend in Italian style. Later the form would be changed to more natural one. In the present, the garden has several sections. In the east, there is a massive open space featuring Sala Terrena. Frescoes and medailons decorate its ceiling. Moreover, there are massive columns and arches. In summer, various musical concerts take place here.

Valdštejnská zahrada

Near here, there is an aritificial karst wall including caves and a fountain. From inside large aviary, horned owls watch visitors. Many sculptures fitting greatly in local grean spread across this part of Wallenstein Garden

Valdštejnská zahrada   Valdštejnská zahrada

A pond featuring an artificial island with the statue of Hercules is situated on the other end of the garden. Moreover, there are fointains, statues, or relief vases. Peacocks and wild ducks roam freely here therefore adding to the overall atmosphere of a walk here. Also, situated here is Wallestein stables which was defunct at the end of the 19th century. In the present, the structure is administered by the National Gallery. It is used as a exhibition venue.

Valdštejnská zahrada

Valdštejnská zahrada   Valdštejnská zahrada

Wallenstein Garden is a tranquil place. Its high walls and surrounding structures separate it from the noisy city center around it. Here you may truly rest a bit with beautiful buildings around you.

Near Wallenstein Garden is another interesting place - Letensky Profil. A place quite far from the garden. This nature sight is a geologic exposure above Pod Bruskou street. This one is a stratotype of Letna formation dating back to the Ordovician. Geofans will love this locality.

Letenský profil

The vista from Hanava Pavillion is something else. Photographers will surely like it. It is situated in Letna Park close to the famous Prague Metronome. The vista opens before you a large part of Prague. In addition to that you may see the neo-baroque structure made mostly of cast-iron which was constructed for the purpose of the General Land Centennial Exhibition of 1891.

vyhlídka od Hanavského pavilonu

The last point of interest on our today's tour is Havel Market. Founded in 1232, the market is open lal year long and you can find it in the street which goes by the same name, close to Mustek subway station and Perlova Street. In the past, the market in Rytirska Street and Uhelny (Coal) Market belonged to Havel Market. In the present, you may choose here from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables as well as souvenirs. The monumental St Havel's Church is situated at the end of the market. Jan Milic of Kromeriz, John of Nepomuk or John Hus served sermons here.

Havelský trh

Havelský trh   kostel svatého Havla

Let yourselves be inspired by our tips. Plan your trip into the city right now!

GPS: (Wallenstein Garden) 50°05'23.4"N 14°24'25.3"E 
          (Letensky Profil) 50°05'33.4"N 14°24'35.1"E 
          (Hanavsky Pavillion lookout point 50°05'36.9"N 14°24'45.6"E 
          (Havel Market)50°05'06.9"N 14°25'17.7"E 


Text and photos: Oskár Mažgút

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