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Vltava river is created by confluence of Teplá (Warm) and Studená (Cold) Vltava in a natural preserve Mrtvý luh near to the community of Nová Pec in Bohemian Forest.
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430 km

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Kralupy nad Vltavou
Published: 8.10.2007
Town of Kralupy nad Vltavou with 18000 inhabitants is situated in Mělník district 30 kms distant from Prague, along the stream of Vltava river. First written notice about this town in Central Bohemia comes from 1253.

Kralupy nad VltavouIn 1881 this community became a small town and the town´s sign was confirmed. Kralupy nad Vltavou - as a town - was established in 1902, when the neighbouring community of Lobeč was joined to Kralupy. This villaged was in possession of Knights of the Cross Order. It suffered from foodings many times, only with development of river-traffic Vltava river was embanked in 1894. With construction of railway-line there were founded manufacturing companies and factories (sugar factories, brewery, chemical  factory, etc.). In 1912 there Kralupy nad Vltavouwas established District Court and in 1913 also Executive District  Office. Kralupy became district-centre with 6000 inhabitants. In 1919 the neighbouring community of Lobeček was joined, in 1923 the other community of Mikovice.

Church of St.Jakob in Minice is probably the oldest chruch-monument of 1352. There were made several reconstructions, it present face is Neo-Renaissance. Nerby we can see the Kralupy nad Vltavouoldest statue of St.John of Nepomuk. In town, we can find a museum, open for public in 1928, cultural and social centre and further sports centres for free time activities. Now, Kralupy nad Vltavou is the centre of chemical and petrochemical industry (cauoutchouc, production of plastic materials), wooden-working and food industry.

In 2002 town was suffered from flooding, Kralupy was one of most damaged towns of Czech Republic.



Photo: Wikipedia.org, ŠJů, č.2, č.3JAn Dudík



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Kralupy nad Vltavou: this town was, before 2nd World War, something else as central point of Czech industry, however, shortly after war, as ruins of prosperous town. On 22nd March 1945, at noon, sharp tone of siren disturbed local inhabitants from their spring meditation.


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