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Vltava river is created by confluence of Teplá (Warm) and Studená (Cold) Vltava in a natural preserve Mrtvý luh near to the community of Nová Pec in Bohemian Forest.
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430 km

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Drbákov - Albert rocks
Locality type:
Educational path
Praha - západ (west) district

This path makes acquintance with state nature reservation Drbákov-Albert Rocks. In 1933, there was founded here reservation Drbákov Yews-trees. In 1977, there was added a part of Albert Rocks, former White Rocks. It is a part of Vltava-canyon, however, now its bottom is inundated with Slapy Water Basin (Slapy Dam). This path winds among rocks. On some places, there is marvellous view to Vltava Valley. However, the passage here in winter could be quite dangerous, as the rocks are covered with ice on many places. On some parts of this territory, there are planted typical leafy woods. So, from trees dominates here hornbeam, oak, maples and mountain-ash. Forest- pine could be planted even in small clefts, and it is attractive, thanks to its curved trunk. Anyway, pine-tree and larch-tree are non-original trees of these places. On the other hand, there are planted here very old yew-trees, creating tufted trees. Red yew-tree plants within very long time-period, more than 1000 years. Its wood is very hard and flexible. Albert Rocks offer you nice dry-loving as well as warm-loving plants, such as anemone and many other plants.

Route length: 7,3 kms


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