River Volyňka - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river sources on slopes of Světlá hora in an altitude of 1115 m of sea level.
flow length:
46 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

The river sources on slopes of Světlá hora and flows to the north up to Strakonice where mouth into Otava from its right side. The river basin makes 413 km². The river flows throughout enclosed valley, partially afforested. The valley becomes wider in its middle and lower section, and the countryside is more inhabited  along the river. In its upper part the bed is not wider as 3-5 m, has big slope, and it is full of stones and stages. The slope becomes moderate subsequently and the river is, near to Volyně, calm, moderate flow,with partially overgrown river bed. The weirs are not-passable. As to tributaries – they are Spůlka and Peklov. This small river is navigable during snow-thaw in spring or after heavy rains, which is an exception on its upper part. Anyway, it is navigable from Čkyně, more often. As to the upper section, the orientative water index in Sudslavice is important, its descend-possibility is 65 cm. You can follow the water index in Nemětice, where the minimum-sign is 90 cm for upper section, for the section from Čkyně is 70 cm. The experience from the navigation on narrow and unclear flows is necessary. You need not to be surprised  with foot-bridge or laying tree over the river behind the bend. From Čkyně, the navigation is not difficult.


There is no problem to get the accommodation in Vimperk, Volyně or Strakonice, there are no camping places along the river.

Food supply:

It is available in Vimperk,Čkyně, Lčovice, Malenice, Černětice, Volyně and Strakonice.

First aid:

It is availble in health centres in Vimperk, Volyně and Strakonice.

Places of interest:

Vimperk: Renaissance castle in town (seat of administration of Bohemian Forest National Park), historical parts of fortification and houses in town, originally Gothic church, Baroque chapel.

Bohumilice: small castle Skalice with a church.

Čkyně: small castle of 19th century, originally Gothic church, rebuilt in Baroque style.

Lčovice: castle of 1600, three castle chapels of 18th century.

Volyně: stronghold with museum, church in Baroque style, Renaissance town hall.

Černětice: Baroque castle of 17th century, original peasants´ estates.

Strakonice: see Otava


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