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CZ, Kutna Hora: The Native House of Mikulas Dacicky
Published: 13.5.2017
The 15th century town house was extensively renovated in 2015. In February 2016, this sight of cultural value was reopened to the public. Now it serves as an educational as well as cultural center. The historical house has modern equipment yet some of its historical features were carefully renovated and incorporated into the house.

Dačického dům

Originally, there was a shop, and book workshop in the house no 41. Tenants lived on the first floor. Even then the historic interiors were damaged because of renovation, the very interiors where Mikulas Dacicky spent his wild life. He inherited the house from his father. And also he ended up with large inheritance from his father which allowed him to live opulent life. He got to know locals very well and he captured their life in his book The Memorials of Mikulas Dacicky of Heslov. His chronicle is a follow-up to the memorials of his ancestors.

Dačického dům

It was dozens of years before the house was renovated thanks to the Czech Ministy of Regions and Kutna Hora Foundation - UNESCO Sight.

Dačického dům

Inside by the entrance there is a massive pillar seemingly not fitting there. It became a pillar by accident. A support column was discovered during excavation works. Detailed look revealed that this one is a Gothic column with both head and base. The column was taken apart, and renovated. Today, it is an authentic wall support.   

Dačického dům  Dačického dům  Dačického dům

Just behind the pillar, notice the door in Gothic vault. This door doesn't lead anywhere. However, it was made in the same time as the column. The door is great evidence of the medieval smithery. Individual hand planished sheets are intertwined creating beautiful piece of work. Moreover, the over 500 years old door has still a working lock.

Dačického dům – Biskupská kaple

The exhibition isnide the house is split to several small sections. The storeys are linked with staircases, and there is a working elevator. Attic rooms include a lecture hall, and rooms used for seasonal exhibition. When you go to the lower floors you walk through a glass atrium replacing former yard. Then you walk by the Bishopric chapel, and the exhibition displaying the renovation works on the house. Then you go to the IQ park popular among children. A section of brick paving is situated inside the Bishopric chapel. The paving has the shape of a hexagon with ornaments on it. The discovery of the paving led to creation of its copies which replaced the floor inside tha chapel. Each paving stone is intertwined with its neighboring stone. It's true feast for your eyes to watch the geometrically interesting floor.

Dačického dům-Biskupská kaple   Dačického dům-Biskupská kaple

We should make a note on well-done renovation works on the building's facade. Without it the house would look as good as it does. Especially when compared with the previous state of the structure you realize how successful the renovation was.

Dačického dům   Dačického dům

The Dacickeho House was declared a sight of cultural value in 1958. However, there are other themed exhibtions inside historical buildings such as the Vlassky Dvur, Czech Museum, or the Gallery inside former Jesuite College. Kutna Hora became part of UNESCO's protected landmarks list in December 1995. This includes the historic center of the city with its St Barbora cathedral, and the cathedral in Sedlec. Former medieval city became prosperous thanks to its riches in silver mines.

GPS: 49°56'54.3"N 15°15'53.8"E


Source: dacickehodum.cz

Text and photos: Monika Babická

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